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GPS Mini Board

Our high-performance compact GPS Mini Board is now available, this great easy to use GPS Board, incorporates the advanced Locosys GPS Module with the latest SiRF CGEE Technology for predicting satellite positions and fast acquisition times for position information. This unit connects easily to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi board, using a standard TTL UART connection. The board is ideal for adding tracking or positional information to your system or project, and can be used in navigation systems, car computers, vehicle tracking and much more.

The advanced Locosys GPS Module incorporated on the board, is loaded with features, including fast satellite acquisition times, integrated LNA and SAW filters, advanced SiRF CGEE Technology and provides position accuracy to 2.5m. The unit is designed to work in high-density areas and areas of dense foliage where the signal strength will be low. Information is easily accessed from the module by sending basic commands, and receiving back information packets containing the positional and time information. A GPS Active antenna can also be connected to the board for improved signal reception and mounting externally on a vehicle. Our GPS Mini Board, also includes a selector for 3.3V or 5V microcontroller systems, making the unit ideal for use with the newer low power ARM and AVR Microcontrollers. Standard header pins are provided for external connection to the board, allowing the board to be mounted directly to a main controller board or externally using ribbon cable.

A power LED and all necessary regulators are included on the board, together with the necessary level shifters for passing signals to the GPS Module. The GPS module is a low power unit and consumes very little power while idle. A high-quality SMA connector is mounted to the board for easy connection of an external antenna. The board is very compact in size and can easily mount in a handheld unit.

Our GPS Mini Board is ideal for adding positional information to your microcontroller, control system or computer. All the components are pre-installed on this compact Mini Board and the unit is ready for addition to your navigation, tracking or vehicle computer system.

Part Code: MINIGPS


  • Ideal for Adding GPS Capability to your System
  • Includes Locosys GPS Module
  • Easily Connects to Arduino or Raspberry Pi Boards
  • Standard TTL UART Output with 9600bps
  • Position Accuracy to 2.5m
  • Supports 48-Channel GPS with LNA and SAW Filter On-board
  • Incorporates SiRF CGEE Technology for Predicting Satellite Positions
  • Optional GPS Active Antenna Available Separately
  • Compact Board with Mounting Holes Provided
  • Board Dimensions: 44 x 56 mm

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