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RS422/RS485 Converter Mini Board

Need to add RS422 or RS485 Communication to your project. Our popular RS422/RS485 Converter Mini Board is the answer. This compact, easy to use RS485 board, connects directly to your microcontroller UART for both half and full duplex communications.

The RS422/RS485 Converter Mini Board includes two 75176 line driver ICs. With selectable termination resistors included on the board. RS422 or RS485 communication is also selectable, using a set of jumpers mounted on the board. Heavy duty pcb terminals have been installed on the board for reliable bus connections.

This RS422/RS485 Converter Mini Board is a great way of adding RS422 or RS485 communication to your project for data transfer between two microcontrollers or as a common bus system for multi-point communications.

Part Code: MINIRS422


  • Includes two 75176 Line Driver ICs
  • Suitable for both Half and Full Duplex and RS422 or RS485
  • High-Quality Terminal Blocks for easy Bus Connection
  • Standard male and female headers for Control Connection
  • Selectable Jumpers for Termination Resistors
  • Suitable for use with Arduino Boards and Most Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm