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A huge range of electronic parts and microcontroller boards at the best prices. Need Help.


Solar Cells

Solar Cells

New sizes of Solar Cells are available in our Solar Cell section. These small solar cells are ideal for school solar projects, battery charging and as remote alternative power sources. Voltages range from 0.5V to larger 18V high current Solar Panels.

arrowAlso Available: MPPT Solar Charge Controllers


Mini Boards

Power Relay Mini Board

We've added some exciting new boards to our Mini Boards section. These small compact boards are ideal to connect to your Arduino® board or Raspberry Pi® board. Add new functions and expand the functionality of your system, with GPS, Real-Time Clocks, Keypads, RS232, RS485, MT8870 Decoders, MCP23017 IO Expansion, SD Cards, MCP3424 18-bit A/D and many more. Go to Mini Boards


Integrated Circuits

Zilog Z80 CPU

We carry a huge range of integrated circuits including the 74 Series TTL ICs, together with Microchip® Microcontrollers, EPROM ICs, Voltage Regulators and much more. As well as small signal transistors, zener diodes, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, relays and also rotary potentiometers. Visit our Electronic Components section for our vast selection of semiconductors and parts.

arrowAlso Available: LEDs and LED Displays


Latching Touch Pad

Latching Touch Pad

Terrific New Latching Touch Pad, this inexpensive self contained unit, allows you to easily add a touch pad to your design. This touch pad utilizes the latest in Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology and incorporates a power latching relay. Ideal for use as a light switch or for switching appliances.

arrowAlso Available: AC and DC Opto-Isolated I/O Boards


DC-DC Step-Down Power Module

DC-DC Step-Down Power Module

New range of Modules for connection to your Arduino® or Raspberry Pi® Board. Step-Up and Step-Down Power Supply Modules are available, together with a wide range of gas, LED, motor, relay and temperature modules. Visit our Microcontroller Modules and Sensor Boards section.

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PCB Manufacturing Service

PCB Manufacturing Service

Futurlec’s PCB Manufacturing Service delivers high-quality single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards to your designs at very competitive prices. Our PCBs feature a professional finish with durable and solid FR-4 fiberglass copper boards used, together with the option of Silk Screening and Soldermask in a variety of colors. For an instant online quotation, visit our PCB Quotation Tool at PCB Service.


Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board

Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board

Our new high performance Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board is based on the Z8051 Microcontroller IC from Zilog®. This latest design provides a large program memory, together with large SRAM and XRAM memory. The microcontroller features a high-performance arithmetic unit for 32 bit multiplication together with a precision 12-bit A/D Converter and much more.


MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board

MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board

Our top selling MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board is ideal for using your phone line to control various devices remotely. This handy unit receives and converts DTMF signals sent over a telephone line and provides a digital output for the different signals. The board easily connects to most microcontrollers or Arduino Boards and can be used to switch on lights, close doors, turn on watering systems from anywhere, using the phone line.

arrowAlso Available: Ethernet Mini Board


The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

Take your Arduino knowledge to the next level with some exciting new Arduino Projects. The TAB Book of Arduino Projects is an easy to follow practical book, with some fun projects. Detailed instructions are provided with the complete electronic components parts list together with the necessary Arduino code. Projects include the popular LED Cube, a Laser Alarm, GPS Location Display, LED Matrix Clock and Much More.

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