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Ethernet Mini Board

Easily connect your control system or microcontroller board to an ethernet network, with our compact, easy to use Ethernet Mini Board. This board utilizes the new Microchip® ENC28J60 Stand-Alone Ethernet Controller IC featuring a host of features to handle most of the network protocol requirements. The board connects directly to most microcontrollers with a standard SPI interface with a transfer speed of up to 20MHz.

The Microchip® ENC28J60 is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.3 specification for network communication protocol. The IC includes a number of packet filtering schemes to reduce the number of incoming packets and thus the overhead required in handling network communications. An internal DMA is included for fast data throughput and hardware assisted checksum calculations. Data cannot be automatically set to retransmit on checksum errors or data collision. The IC and data transmission is easily controlled through a series of control registers onboard with an SPI interface for data transfer.

The Ethernet Mini Board is also fitted with a number of LEDs for power indication and Network status, including Link Okay and Data Activity. A standard RJ45 socket is fitted for easy network connection with standard male headers provided on the base of the board, to plug directly into your control system or microcontroller board. The board is suitable for use in both 5V and 3.3V powered systems, with low power consumption.

The new Ethernet Mini Board is the perfect solution for adding a network connection to your control system or microcontroller board. With an easy to use interface and an economical price, this board is ideal for most embedded systems.



  • Includes Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet Chip
  • Data can be transferred using a standard SPI Connection
  • IEEE 802.3 Compatible with Integrated MAC and 10BASE-T PHY
  • Supports both Full and Half-Duplex Modes
  • Programmable Automatic Retransmit on Collision
  • Suitable for Either 5V or 3.3V Systems
  • Power, Link and Activity LEDs
  • Standard Male Headers for Easy Mounting
  • Connects directly to an Arduino board and most Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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