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W5100 Ethernet Mini Board

Now in stock, our W5100 Ethernet Mini Board, this board is based on the versatile WIZnet W5100 Embedded TCP/IP IC. This chip includes all the necessary support for network communication with a wide range of in-built hardware protocol support. Our new W5100 Ethernet Network Mini Board is ideal for easily adding Network Capability to your project without having to implement the overhead of adding the necessary communications handling on your main board.

The W5100 Ethernet Network Mini Board can be easily connected to your Arduino® Board or our range of ET-Easy Controller Boards, as well as a wide range of AVR and PIC Microcontroller Boards. The board includes standard 0.1" male and female headers for plugging the board directly into your main controller board. The board also includes the standard RJ-45 Network Socket with in-built isolation transformer for connection to your network. The Wiznet W5100 TCP/IP IC, includes all the necessary support handling functions for the various network communication protocols and this board can be easily be controlled using a standard SPI Microcontroller interface. Power, Transmission and Receive LED's are included onboard for visual indication of the status of the unit. The board can also be powered by either 3.3V or 5V, and includes 5V I/O input tolerance for the case of a low supply voltage.

Our W5100 Ethernet Network Mini Board can also be used as a Web Server to add direct communication to your board from anywhere in the world. Ideal for controlling or monitoring your application from any location. Ideal for easily adding networking capability to your project our new Ethernet board is ideal for your Arduino® or Microcontroller Project.

Part Code: MINI_W5100


  • Based on the WIZnet W5100 Embedded TCP/IP IC
  • Ideal for use with Arduino® Boards or Our ET-Easy Boards
  • Standard Network 10/100 Base Communication
  • Operates in Half/Full Duplex Mode
  • Includes Support for the Following Protocols, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 ARP, IGMP, PPPoE and Ethernet
  • W5100 Internal 16kbyte Memory for T/RX Buffers
  • 3.3V or 5V Board Operation with Jumper Selector
  • Standard SPI Communication Bus for Connection to Most Microcontrollers
  • Standard Header Pins for easy Microcontroller Connection
  • Power, TX and RX LED's On-Board
  • Standard RJ-45 Network Connector with in-built Isolation Transformer
  • Board Dimensions: 44 x 56 mm