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Support Information

Special Component Sourcing

Futurlec can source and locate special hard to find components, or arrange for special manufacturing runs of custom electronic parts. Using the resources of numerous manufacturers and suppliers we can help you with almost any component requirement. For more information or for a specific query, please contact us at sales@futurlec.com.

Bulk Buys for OEM's

For special quantity pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us for the best prices. We can arrange direct manufacturer to you prices. We have a large number of manufacturer's ready to fill most of your component needs. For a specific query, please contact us at sales@futurlec.com.

Printed Circuit Board Service

PCB Futurlec can supply custom designed printed circuit boards to your design or from our design department. We can deliver single sided or double sided boards at reasonable prices, with fast turnaround times delivered to your door. For a quotation please proceed to PCB Information.

Design Service

Our design service can provide custom designs to your specific requirements. From idea to full implementation, we can also arrange for assembly of your boards at the best prices, using quality material and workmanship. We specialize in microcontroller applications and our design engineers can help you deliver a cost effective solution in a reasonable time. Contact our staff at pcb@futurlec.com