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MP3 Mini Board

Our MP3 Mini Board is great way to add sound to your project. Make your own MP3 Player or simply add an MP3 Player to your embedded system to play a wide variety of sounds based on certain inputs. This compact MP3 Mini Board is a great way to develop a new sound system, the unit easily interfaces to a standard SPI interface.

The board comes complete with a microphone connection for easy recording of sounds and music. An audio output is also included for connection to an amplifier. Sound files can also be easily downloaded through the standard bus connection. This board is based on the new VLSI VS1002D MP3 chip, more information on this chip can be found on the link below. Standard connection headers are used for connection to most microcontrollers and development boards.

The new MP3 board is both economical and easy to use. Great for adding an array of sounds to a robot or an interactive display.

Part Code: MINIMP3


  • Includes VLSI VS1002 MP3 Chip
  • Data can be transferred using a standard SPI Connection
  • Microphone and Audio Out Connections Provided
  • LED Power Indication
  • Quick and Easy Solution for Adding Sound or Voice to your Control System
  • Ideal for Developing your own MP3 Player
  • Connects directly to most Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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