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Electronic Components

2716 EPROM Memory IC

Futurlec has a huge range of Electronic Components including ICs, transistors, diodes and capacitors from the leading electronic parts manufacturers. Standard 74 Series ICs and CMOS 4000 Series types are available, together with an extensive range of linear ICs, including the 555 Timer IC, 7805 5V Voltage Regulators, 741 Op-Amp IC and much more. Hard to find 27 Series EPROM Memory ICs are in stock, together with EEPROMs and Flash Memory ICs. Visit our Integrated Circuits Section section.

arrowAlso Available: 74LS Series TTL ICs


Value Packs

Mylar Capacitor Value Pack

Our bestselling electronic component Value Packs offer terrific pricing on the most commonly used electronic parts. All of the electronic parts in the Value Packs are standard component sizes. Resistor, Capacitor, Transistor, Diode, Linear ICs and LED Value Packs are available, all offering huge discounts on top quality electronics components. Go to Value Packs

arrowAlso Available: IC Socket Value Pack


Atmel Microcontrollers

Atmel Microcontrollers

We've expanded our range of Microchip and Atmel Microcontrollers including some of the popular PIC16, ATtiny and ATmega range of microcontrollers. Easy to mount DIP types are available together with a wide range of special function ICs for CAN transceivers, A/D Converters, DAC, Digital Potentiometers and much more. Atmel Microcontrollers

arrowAlso Available: Microchip Microcontrollers


Power Transistors

Power Transistors

Our extensive range of Transistors include small signal transistors, power transistors and MOSFETs, as well as miniature SMD types. Popular transistors including 2N3055, BD139, TIP41C are available, as well as Small Signal Transistors including the popular 2N3904, BC547 and PN2222. Visit our Transistor Section

arrowAlso Available: General Purpose Diodes


Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic Capacitor

A wide range of Capacitors are in stock, with electrolytic capacitors, ceramic cacitors and mylar capacitors all available. We also carry high quality, Polyester Film and Tantalum types, at special prices, Visit our Capacitor Department for our huge range of capacitors.

arrowAlso Available: Ceramic Capacitors


Signal Relays

DIP Relay

We've added a new range of miniature PCB Relays and Signal Relays, in a wide range of voltages and pole configurations, ideal for OEM’s, colleges and small workshops. These are available in single, double pole and 4PDT types, with current ratings up 10A for SPDT types. Relays Section

arrowAlso Available: Heavy Duty Power Relays


Rotary Potentiometers

Rotary Potentiometers

Our bestselling range of Rotary Potentiometers include linear, logarithmic/audio and anti-log types in single and dual versions. Special types are also available with D-Type shafts, Center Detent and ON switch. Rotary Potentiometers

arrowAlso Available: Miniature Horizontal and Vertical Trimpots


Super-Bright Flux LEDs

Super-Bright Flux LED

Now in stock, super-bright flux LEDs, ideal for your lighting and display applications. These high brightness LEDs can be used in Christmas Lights and Motion Displays. We also carry standard 3mm and 5mm type LEDs, in a wide range of different colors, together with multi-color and flashing LED types. General Purpose LED Section

arrowAlso Available: Seven Segment LED Displays


SMD Adapters

SMD Adapters

We also carry an extensive range of SMD Adapters for converting SMD package ICs to standard through-hole DIP arrangements. Ideal for use with many ICs that are only available in SMD packages. SMD Adapters

arrowAlso Available: Standard DIP IC Sockets


Headers and Connectors

Male Headers

For PCB connections, we offer a huge selection of headers and connectors, in a wide range of mountings and configurations. Standard black 0.1" headers for Arduino boards are in stock, together with IDC Plugs and Sockets for port connections, as well as D-Sub Connectors for RS232 Plugs and Standard 25-Pin Parallel Port Sockets. Visit our Connectors Section

arrowAlso Available: Telephone Modular Plugs and Sockets