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1/4W Resistor Pack

Even more great value. 300 5% tolerance 1/4W Resistors in standard sizes, that's less than 1c per resistor. Enough to keep you well stocked for years. Huge Range, Sorted by Popularity with only Standard Values. Separately Packed and Labelled !

Also available, Capacitor Packs, Transistor Packs, IC Packs and Much More

Prototyping Board 777

Wide Range of Prototyping Boards, ideal for testing and verifying circuits. Standard Stripboards, double sided boards and Computer Bus Boards are available. Build and Test circuit designs quickly and permanently with these economical boards.

Also available, Computer Adapter Boards for interfacing with standard computer connectors.

10k Linear Rotary Taper Potentiometer

Huge Range of Linear and Logarithmic Potentiometers in Single and Dual/Stereo Types, with Switches and Center Detent. Also Type C or Anti-Log types are available. Pot shafts in standard knurled types or D-Type shafts are included.

Also available, Trimpots for pcb mounting in vertical and horizontal arrangements.

8 Pin SOIC to DIP8 Adapter

SMD Adapter to convert a standard 8 pin SOIC IC to a DIP 8 pin mounting arrangement. Ideal for using when there are only SMD package types available, these adapters allow easy mounting on through-hole boards. Now in stock, a wide range of SMD Adapters to suit SOIC, SOT, TQFP, LQFP, SSOP Package IC's, Easy to use with standard pin spacings.

Also available, PLCC Adapters for converting PLCC package type IC's to DIP mounting.


Large Range of Breadboards in Standard Sizes, with Power Bus Extensions and Jumper Kits for Connections. Standard 840 Contact Breadboard with Top and Bottom Power Bus.

Also available, Jumper Leads for connecting between various pins on the breadboard.

7805 +5V 1A Linear Voltage Regulator

Huge Range of Linear Regulators including all of the 78XX, 79XX, 78LXX and 79LXX Ranges, as well as Switching Regulators for +3.3V.

Also available, Huge range of Linear Op-Amps for amplifiers, linear circuits and voltage regulators.

10 Pin Shrouded IDC Male Header

Wide Range of IDCC Connectors and Headers, ideal for board connections, straight, right angle and latching headers are available. All standard type, RoHS Compliant and attractively priced.

Also available, Huge range of Standard Male and Female Headers for use with Arduino Boards and Shields.

Compact PIR Sensor Module

Compact and complete, easy to use PIR Sensor Module for human body detection. Incorporating a Fresnel lens and motion detection IC, suitable for a wide range of supply voltages and with low current drain. Ideal for Arduino projects and alarm systems.

Also available, Huge range of Temperature, Gas and Flow Sensors.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Sensor

Gas Sensors for a wide range of gases, including CO2, CO, LPG, Alcohol and Methane. Ideal for experimentation and monitoring of gas concentrations. Also available CO2 Measuring Module and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Flow Meter with Flow Sensor

Water Flow Sensors with display units, suitable for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" pipes with hot and cold water types. Also available Diesel and Gasoline Flow Sensor for use with Generators, Machinery and Vehicles.

Also available, Huge range of Temperature, Gas and Ultrasonic Sensors. Sensors Main Page