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MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board

Our top selling MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board is ideal for using your phone line to control various devices remotely. This handy unit can connect to your phone line to receive and convert DTMF signals. This MT8870 board easily connects to most microcontrollers or Arduino® Boards and can be used to switch on lights, close doors, turn on watering systems from anywhere, using the phone line.

The MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board, plugs into a standard telephone socket or can also be connected to a mobile phone. The incoming DTMF codes are then converted and a standard output table provides up to 16 output signals. The board is based on the very popular MT8870 IC from Zarlink, this IC is standard in most phone line equipment. A 74HC244 is also included on the board, to display the incoming signal on a series of LEDs included on the board. The board is very compact and can be easily housed in a standard project box. Standard male and female header connections are provided for easy connection to an Arduino board or control system.

Our new MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board is ideal for remote switching of various devices over the phone line using a landline or mobile connection. Switch on lights, heaters, watering system remotely using this compact, easy to interface unit.

Part Code: MINIMT8870


  • Includes Zarlink MT8870 DTMF Receiver IC
  • Receives and Converts Standard DTMF Codes
  • Remotely Switch Devices from Anywhere Using the Phone
  • Easily Connects to Most Microcontrollers or Arduino Boards
  • Phone Line and Mobile Connection Socket
  • Small and Compact MT8870 Board
  • 5 On-Board LED's For Data Received Indication
  • Standard Header Connections for Control System Connection
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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