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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. A Huge Range of Components, Parts, Boards and Much More, all at the Best Prices. Need Help.

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  Contact Email Addresses    
     Order Status and Order Enquiries:   orders@futurlec.com
     PCB Orders and PCB Enquiries:   pcb@futurlec.com
    Technical Support:   technical@futurlec.com
    Bulk Purchases:   bulkbuy@futurlec.com
    Sales Enquiries:   sales@futurlec.com
    Website Enquiries/Problems:   webmaster@futurlec.com

  Contact Fax Numbers    
     USA and Canada:   646-839-2988
     South America:   +1 646-839-2988
    United Kingdom:   0207 197 8102
    Europe:   +44 207 197 8102
    Australia:   02 94 75 4051
    New Zealand:   +61 2 94 75 4051
    Asia:   +66 2 712 1658
    Thailand:   02 712 1658
    All Other Countries:   +61 2 94 75 4051

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