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MCP4922 Digital to Analog Converter Mini Board

Our Digital to Analog Mini Board is a great way to add an easily controllable highly-accurate adjustable analog output to your design or control system. The DAC Mini Board offers a 12-Bit 2 Channel Analog output that can be controlled with a standard SPI connection.

The board accepts a standard female or male header connection for the SPI Connection with selectable pull-up resistors. To adjustable reference trim-pots are included on the board together with a power LED. This board utilizes the new Microchip MCP4922 DAC with optional 2x buffered output and low noise performance.

Our new DAC Mini Board is an inexpensive way of adding a controllable analog output for a wide variety of applications.

Part Code: MINIDAC


  • Includes Microchip MCP4922 12-Bit 2 Channel DAC
  • Standard SPI Data Connection with selectable Pull-Up Resistors
  • Male and Female Header Connection for Direct Connection to Microcontroller
  • Works from either a +3V or +5V Supply
  • Ideal for adding Analog Outputs for Motors etc
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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