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MCP3424 18-bit ADC Mini Board

Now available, our new MCP3424 18-bit A/D Converter Mini Board for high-accuracy real-world monitoring applications, featuring the MCP3424 18-bit Delta-Sigma Analog to Digital Converter from Microchip®. This board offers 4 A/D input channels that can be configured as either single ended or differential inputs. The board also features selectable input voltage ranges and a programmable gain amplifier, for use with small input signal voltages. The board uses a standard I²C communication interface and can be connected to your Arduino® board or other control board. Easy to use and set-up, the board is ideal for increasing the number of A/D inputs available or adding high-accuracy A/D inputs for real-world monitoring.
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Keypad Decoder Mini Board

New Keypad Decoder Mini Board for decoding key presses from standard 4x3 and 4x4 Keypads. This board is ideal for connecting to your keypads to monitor and identify the key that has been pressed. Greatly reduce the amount of time your main processor spends on monitoring and scanning your keypad, with this complete ready to run solution. The Keypad Decoder Mini Board outputs the key pressed in standard ASCII or BCD code and can connect to your 3.3V or 5V microcontroller systems. The board also incorporates visual and audio feedback, once a key has been pressed, with a beep and LED flash when a key has been pressed, making the board ideal for security and access control systems. All the necessary programming code has already been written and simply connect your keypad for quick and easy monitoring of the keys pressed.
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Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter

Our Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter Mini Board is ideal for connecting between 3.3V and 5V systems. The board enables data to be sent between 2 different voltage systems in both directions. Ideal for connecting 3.3V ICs or equipment to a 5V embedded system. The board includes many features not available on similar boards, including an on-board 3.3V regulator for powering the 3.3V system. Connecting headers are already installed and the unit is able to convert a full 8 bits, enabling the unit to be used to convert a single port to a different voltage system.
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ET-PIC II Stamp Module

Our much improved ET-PIC II Stamp Module is now available. The unit is based on the Microchip® PIC18F87K22 Microcontroller with nanoWatt XLP technology for very low power consumption. This microcontroller also includes a huge 128kb of Internal Program Memory, ideal for the largest of applications, together with a 24 Channel A/D Converter with 12-bit Resolution making it perfect for real-world monitoring projects. The module features a total of 65 I/O points and direct program download and debugging with the Microchip® ICD2 Programming Unit.
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Variable Power Supply Mini Board

Useful Variable Power Supply Mini Board with Three Selectable Output Voltages, of 3.3V, 5V and also an Adjustable Output Voltage. Ideal for powering microcontroller boards, this highly efficient unit can deliver up to 2A and is housed in a compact, easy to mount mini board. The unit has an adjustable output voltage from 1.23Vdc to 27Vdc, and will provide an easy to use power supply for when a specific output voltage is required.
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PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Module

Easy to Use, Advanced PIC32 technology in our compact PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Module. Ever wanted to use the new High-Performance Microchip PIC32 Microcontrollers, but were unable to mount the 100 pin TQFP IC. Our new module comes complete and ready-to-run. The module features the very powerful Microchip PIC32MX460F512L Microcontroller, with a huge 512K of program memory and a large number of peripherals, including CAN, USB, ADC and much more. The module is fitted with standard 0.1" Male Headers for plugging directly into your Mainboard or Prototyping Board.
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Touch Pad

Easy to use and incorporate into projects, our Touch Pad is a great way of adding a touch switch to a wide range of control boards and panels. The unit only requires a 3.3V or 5V power source and will give a digital output when the button is touched, as well as the option of a digital output if a finger or hand is in proximity to the switch. No programming or software is required, the unit is fully self contained and can connect directly to your Arduino Board or control panel.
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HDMI Adapter

Available now, our compact HDMI Adapter for sending signals to a HDMI Display. Ideal for use with an Arduino or Raspberry Board to display images on a high-definition LCD Monitor. Board comes complete with pre-installed PCB terminals for secure cable connection and also an optional row of standard 0.1" Male Headers.
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GPS Mini Board

Now available our GPS Mini Board. This compact high-performance, easy to use GPS Mini Board, features the advanced Locosys GPS Module incorporating the latest SiRF CGEE Technology. The module provides fast acquisition times as well as positional information accurate to 2.5m. The GPS Mini Board can be easily connected to your microcontroller or computer system with a standard TLL UART message format. Ideal for adding tracking or positional information to your project or system, the board is ready to run and offers a fast implementation solution for adding GPS functionality to a navigational or position recording system.
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DS3232 Real Time Clock Mini Board

Our latest RTC board, the DS3232 Real Time Clock Mini Board, this board features the new DS3232 from Dallas Semiconductor. The DS3232 offers very high accuracy time keeping with integral crystal and temperature compensation together with on-board Battery Back-Up, maintaining the time for extended periods without power connected. The board can be easily interfaced to most microcontrollers and our development boards, with a standard I²C communication interface as well as either 3.3V or 5V power supply. The DS3232 Real Time Clock Mini Board is ideal for GPS Position logging systems, Connection to Servers for Monitoring or for time and date stamping of real-world data readings.
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microSD Mini Board

Our new microSD Mini Board has just arrived, this great compact microSD board, allows you to read and write to miniature memory microSD cards. The board can be used with microSD cards of all memory capacities and will connect with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. The microSD Mini Board also includes an on-board Regulator and Level Shifter IC to convert 5V TTL Signals to 3.3V for the Memory Cards. Ideal for use as a Data Logger for Real-Time Data, for MP3 Players and much more.
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MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board

Just released our terrific new MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board, this easy to use board, can be used to decode telephone signals to control a wide range of equipment remotely. The board connects directly to the phone line for a landline or mobile phone. The incoming key presses are then decoded and can be used to remotely switch any device from anywhere in the world. Ideal for switching on lights, heaters, watering systems, when you are away. The board also includes a series of LED's to indicate the incoming data signal. The board can connect easily to an Arduino Board or control system.
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USB Mini Board

Just released our fantastic new USB Mini Board, this board is loaded with features and is much more than your standard IC Mounted FT232 Board. The board incorporates all the necessary support components, including onboard regulator for 3.3V, LED indication for USB Communication, Standard Headers for easy connection to your system and much more. The board easily connects to your computer using a USB Cable and will allow fast data transfer between your system and the computer. A number of I/O pins are also included for remote control from your computer. Our new USB Mini Board, is a great way to send and receive data between your system and a computer, as well as being able to remotely control devices from your computer.
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ISD2548 Voice Record and Playback Mini Board

Our ISD2548 Voice Record and Payback Mini Board allows you to record and playback voice messages as required though microcontroller control. Ideal for use as a Queue Numbering Announcement System, Warning Messages or as a Talking Clock. The board is ready to run and can be easily controlled from an Arduino or microcontroller system. The board contains all the necessary connectors for easy interfacing as well as LED indication for End of Message (EOM) and Memory Overflow (OVF).
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