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Dual 12V Power Supply Mini Board

Our Dual 12V Power Supply Mini Board, provides a quick and easy solution to providing a dual or split power source. These units operate from a single polarity variable dc power source of 14 - 24Vdc, with an output current of up to 1A.

This board incorporates two of the high-speed National Semiconductor LM2575T switching regulator to produce a steady +12V and -12V output, suitable for use in measuerment systems requiring a dual source. A power output LED is included for both the positive and negative outputs with numerous 12V output termination points with both male and female headers.

The Dual 12V Power Supply Mini Board is the ideal solution for providing a negative supply in projects and systems where a dual polarity power source is required.



  • Incorporates the High Efficiency LM2575T Switching Regulator
  • Suitable for 14-24VDC input with PCB Terminals
  • Power LED for both Positive and Negative Outputs
  • Multiple +12V Output Termination Points
  • Suitable for use where dual polarity supplies are needed
  • Top Quality Components Used with Long Life Performance
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm