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5V Power Supply Mini Board

Our 5V Power Supply Mini Board features a high efficency switching regulator for both a very stable supply and reduced power loss. Ideal for use with a standard dc plugpack outputting 7-12Vdc, with either polarity plug arrangement.

This board incorporates the high-speed National Semiconductor LM2575T switching regulator to produce a steady +5V output, suitable for driving most microcontrollers. The unit is capable of delivering up to 1A. A power output LED is included with numerous 5V terminal points with both male and female headers.

The Power Supply Mini Board is the ideal solution for providing a highly efficient +5V supply for microcontrollers and 5V control boards.



  • Incorporates the High Efficiency LM2575T Switching Regulator
  • Suitable for 7-12VDC input with standard plugpack connection
  • Power LED included
  • Multiple +5V Output Termination Points
  • Suitable for use with most +5V Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm