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ADuC7024 Controller Board

Now available, our latest high-performance Controller Board, the ADuC7024 Controller. This microcontroller board features the ADuC7024 Microcontroller from Analog Devices. This versatile microcontroller really packs a punch, with 64kBytes of on-board program memory combined with a speed of up to 40 MIPS. Together with 10 high-accuracy 12-bit A/D channels, making this compact controller ideal for a real-time monitoring system.

The ADuC7024 Microcontroller from Analog Devices includes a huge 64kB Flash Program Memory space, ideal for the largest of applications. Together with 8kB of Data Ram space, whihc is perfect for large data-logging applications. The microcontroller also features a high-speed, high-performance, ARM7 core with a maximum speed of up to 40 MIPS. The ADuC7024 is ideally suited for analog data monitoring with a total of 10 12-bit A/D Channels, these ADC's feature both high-accuracy being a full 12-bits, as well as a fast conversion rate. Also included within the microcontroller is a 12-bit DAC, 16-bit PWM output, numerous timers plus a JTAG interface for easy program debugging.

All the necessary support components are included on the board, with a Power LED, 3.3V voltage regulator, RS232 UART, LCD Connector with contrast adjustment, plus a reset and load switch for program execution and download. Programs can be downloaded directly via the standard RS232 port on-board. Easy to use Windows® download software is included (ARMWSD) and this is suitable for Windows® XP/98/ME.

The ADuC7024 Controller is the perfect solution for a high-performance real-time monitoring system. With numerous high-accuracy, fast conversion time A/D Channels plus DAC's, PWM and LCD outputs. This compact Controller is ideal for installation in a control box or as part of a central control system. The board is supplied ready-to-run and delivers a very cost effective solution for the embedded designer.

Part Code: ARM7024CONT


  • Includes Analog Devices ADuC7024 Microcontroller with 64kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed up to 40 MIPS
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming for Easy Program Updates
  • Up to 29 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • RS232 Connection with MAX232
  • Large 8k Data RAM
  • 10 Channel 12-Bit A/D
  • 2 Channel 12-Bit DAC
  • Four General -Purpose Timers
  • JTAG Connector for Program Download and Debug
  • LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
  • Load and Reset Button
  • On-Board 3.3V Regulator
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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