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PIC18F4550 Controller Board

Available now our low-cost PIC18F4550 Controller Board, this board is ideal for applications requiring a USB conenction for data transfer and control. The unit is housed in a very compact board and includes A/D input and plenty of memory for a wide range of real world control and monitoring applications. The unit can be programmed and debugged using the Microchip® debugging tools and programs can be developed in C or assembly langauge.

The PIC18F4550 Microcontroller is loaded with features, including an optimized core for high speed operation. Full linear program memory addressing for the full 128k of program memory. Hardware implemented 8 x 8 Multiply instruction. Additional external memory can be easily added for up to 2MBytes. Up to 13-Channels of 10-bit A/D Converters are included together with 5 Capture/Compare Modules and 2 USART ports. Up to 35 I/O points are available with all port connectors brought out to standard headers for easy connect and disconnect. In-Circuit program download is also provided, enabling the board to be easily updated with new code and modified as required, without the need to remove the microcontroller.

All the necessary support components are included, together with a Power and Programming LED for easy status indication. A Program-Run switch is provided for easy program download. Programs can be downloaded using the Microchip® ICD Debuggers and also our PIC Programming Unit. USB V2.0B is supported together with the necessary USB Plug connection and LED status indiction for USB Power. The unit is ideal for connecting to a Laptop for data transfers or direct control. A test LED is also included with a pushbutton and A/D variable input for testing and developing your programs.

Our PIC18F4550 Controller is ideal for small embedded applications requiring a low cost board with USB Connectivity. The board will easily fit in a small project box and can be easily integrated as a stand-alone controller or real-world monitoring node.

Part Code: PIC18F4550CONT


  • Includes Powerful Microchip PIC18F4550 Microcontroller with 32Kbyte Memory
  • Operating Speed at 48MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming with Microchip® ICD2, ICD3 and Pickit
  • Up to 35 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • Standard USB V2.0 Support and Connection
  • Two RS232 Connections
  • Internal EEPROM
  • 13 Channel 10-bit A/D Convertor
  • Three 16-bit Timers with One 8-bit Timers
  • Power and Programming LED
  • Reset Button
  • On-Board Regulator for 3.3V
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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