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ADuC842 Controller Board

Our Upgraded ADuC842 Controller Board is now available and is loaded with features. This board is ideal for use in high-precision real-time data monitoring applications, with a high-speed, highly accurate 8 channel A/D Converter integral to the microcontroller. Combined with a huge data storage area using inexpensive eeproms to save and record your data. The ADuC842 board is perfect as a high precision remote sensing unit, or as a data logging for various monitoring applications. Data is stored and saved in an easily accessable eeprom data bank, for later reading or storing, even if power is disconnected from the unit.

At the heart of the controller board, is the ADuC842 microcontroller from Analog Devices. This lastest microcontroller is designed for speed with a throughput of up to 16.7 MIPS, combined with a large flash program memory area of 62kByte, suitable for the most intensive embedded applications. 8 Channels of highly accurate 12-bit analog to digital convertors are also included for high-precision monitoring applications. D/A outputs are also provided for remote control.

Programs can be downloaded directly to the module via a simple RS-232 Connection, with easy-to-use Analog Devices download program provided. Easily update the program quickly and easily without needing to remove the microcontroller.

Also included on the board is a real-time clock for time stamping data recordings. A number of communication options are available with integral RS232 communication and provision for RS422/RS485 communication. Standard connections are also provided to connect to the SPI and I²C bus on the controller board. Standard IDCC connections are included for each port, together with 2-pin polarized connectors for the A/D Converters.

A number of software tools are available from Third Party Suppliers for code development in C or Assembly Language. Standard 8052 programs can be easily ported to this microcontroller with minimal modification.

The ADuC842 Controller Board, is an ideal solution for your embedded application, where a high-degree of precision data monitoring and measuring is required. The large data area together with high speed A/D convertors, make it an ideal data-logger. This board is ideal for use as part of an industrial sensing and monitoring system, or just as part of a home control system.

Part Code: ADUC842CONT


  • Includes Analog Devices ADuC842 Microcontroller with 62kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • High Speed 8052 Core with speeds up to 16.7MIPS
  • Direct Program Download with RS-232 Connection
  • Up to 32 I/O points
  • 8 Channel 12-Bit Fast Conversion A/D Converters
  • 2 12-Bit D/A Voltage Outputs
  • RS232, RS422/RS485 Communication with I²C and SPI
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Power LED with PSEN and Reset Button
  • Huge Data Storage Capability with 8 EEPROM sockets provided for 24LC256 or similar
  • Ideal for Precision Real-Time Monitoring and High-Speed Sensor Applications

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