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Stepper Motor Controller - SMCC V2

Stepper Motor Controller - SMCC V2

Easy to use Stepper Motor Controller, for bipolar or dc motors. Utilizing the L298N IC from SGS-THOMSON as the main driver and control IC. The unit incorporates a heavy duty heatsink for high current motors. Standard TTL(+5V) logic control signals are used for the controller. The controller can be operated by an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board. Motor supply is up to 50Vdc and 4A current. Standard polarized connectors are provided for all connections.

Part Code: SMCCV2


  • 2 Channel Control (1 Bipolar Stepping)
  • L298N IC Driver IC
  • Step Frequency 40kHz Max
  • Output Driver Current Phase 4 A / 50 Vdc
  • Power Supply +5Vdc 20mA
  • Works with most embedded boards including Arduino and Raspberry Pi