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XMEGA Controller Board

Our high performance XMEGA Controller Board is based on the latest AVR XMEGA Microcontrollers from Atmel®. This state-of-the-art controller board includes many features not available in other controller boards, including 12-bit accuracy A/D converters, separate DMA controllers to reduce CPU load, ultra-low power operation with new picoPower technology. The new XMEGA board is ideal for a wide variety of embedded applications, requiring high-speed, low power and high accuracy. The controller is ideal for use in alternative energy systems or low power remote monitoring applications, as well as a central control unit for machinery, security or irrigation systems.

This board features in-circuit program download for easy updates and program changes using the pre-installed bootloader. This can be done with the controller in place, or on-site. All port pins on the microcontroller are brought out to standard IDCC Headers for easy connection. Two UART's are connected to a standard RS232 driver IC, for easy computer interfacing and programming. A standard Micro SD Card socket is provided for data storage and easy access to stored data. An on-board standard 32kHz crystal provides a Real Time Clock with low power operation. All necessary power supply components are included together with a low voltage requlator for the microcontroller and the various support components. A standard JTAG connection is provided for easy debugging and testing. Test led's and pushbuttons are included for program development, as well as a standard Reset Pushbutton. The board is compact in size and can easily be mounted in existing machinery or embedded system.

The XMega Controller Board is based on the new ATXMega128 microcontroller from Atmel® . This microcontroller is one of the most powerful AVR Microcontrollers on the market. Included within the microcontroller is a massive 128k of Flash Program Memory, enabling easy rewriting and a huge storage space for large programs. The microcontroller also includes 8kbytes of RAM and 2kbytes or EEPROM, allowing a large temporary storage area for data values and also for permanent values to be retained when the power is disconnected from the board. A highly accurate sixteen channel 12-bit A/D convertor is included, making the system ideal for reading real-world and analog data. The 12-bit accuracy is makes this a product leader over the standard 10-bit accuracy in other microcontrollers. Four channels of 12-bit D/A converter ouputs are also available. A real-time counter, together with a large number of 16-bit timers are also available, included as standard is the SPI and I2C communications interface. The ATXMega128 core is a high throughput RISC processor allowing up 32 MIPS, as well as low power operation.

Our new XMEGA Controller Board, is the latest state-of-the-art Controller Board, with high-speed, low power and 12-bit accuracy A/D inputs. This XMEGA board is ideal for use in real-world monitoring applications as well as low power alternative energy solutions and remote applications.



  • Includes High Performance Atmel XMEGA128 Microcontroller with 128kb Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed at up to 32MHz
  • In-Circuit Programming with RS-232 Connection (Bootloader Pre-Installed)
  • A massive 72 I/O points with easy to connect standard IDCC Connectors
  • Two RS232 Connections
  • Internal DMA Controller for External Peripherals
  • 16 Channel High-Accuracy 12-bit A/D Convertor
  • Four Channel 12-bit D/A Convertor
  • Eight 16-bit Timers
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Power LED
  • Micro-SD Card Socket
  • Test LED and Pushbutton
  • JTAG Interface for Programming and Debugging
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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