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Ethernet Controller

Connect to any standard Computer Network and control up to 24 I/O points with this easy to use Ethernet Controller. Ideal for remote monitoring and control through your network or remotely over the Internet. Any point on the network can monitor and control the various I/O points. The address for the unit is automatically assigned or can be fixed during set-up.

Multiple Units can be connected to the same network to increase the number of I/O points available. Each I/O point can be set as either an Input or Output and can be set to initiate a signal once the input status changes, thus constant reading of the status of the unit is not required. The I/O points all use standard TTL +5V signals. The Unit can be controlled with Visual Basic or C programming language, or directly with a communications program. A number of preset ASCII commands are available for reading and controlling the various I/O ports. A Windows® test and control program is available to set-up and monitor the unit.

All the necessary support components are included, with the board ready to run when connected to a computer network. Status LED's provide indication of Network Activity and also when a Valid Command is received. Standard IDCC headers are mounted for easy connection to the various I/O points. A standard network adapter is fitted for use with standard network cables.

Our new Ethernet Controller is perfect for adding control and monitoring to your computer network. The board is ideal for remote control over the network and can be used in alarm systems, environment monitoring and remote station controls. Additional boards are available to add Relay Control as well as Analog to Digital Converters.



  • Connects Directly to Ethernet for Remote Control
  • Programmable Port Number or Network Assigned
  • Can be Controlled and Monitored from any point on the Network
  • Up to 24 I/O points which can be programmed as either Input or Output
  • Together with an Internet Router, the unit can be controlled and monitored through the Internet
  • Additional Accessory Boards available for Relay Control and Analog Inputs
  • Network Activity and Valid Command LED's
  • Windows® Software Included for Testing and Monitoring of the Unit
  • Compact Size
  • Ideal for Remote Monitoring and Control through the Internet

Technical Data

I/O Expansion Board

This easy to use IO Expansion Board will add an additional 32 I/O points to an existing Elexol board. Ideal for use with the Ethernet Controller above. The board utilizes the Microchip MCP23S17 I/O expanders. Two MCP23S17's are included on the board and are controlled through a standard SPI protocol interface. All expansion points are connectd to standard IDCC male headers for easy connection with standard IDCC plugs and cables. The expansion points are conveniently grouped into four 8 bit ports. This board can easily be used with any controller with a standard SPI interface.



  • Connects Directly to the above Ethernet Controller
  • Adds an additional 32 I/O points
  • Each point can be used as either an Input or Output
  • Standard SPI Interface

Technical Data

Analog Expansion Board

Easily add additional Analog input points to the Ethernet Controller with this Analog Expansion Board. This Analog Expansion Board provides an additional 8 channels of high-accuracy 10-bit A/D inputs as well as one 12-bit Digital to Analog Converter. Ideal for use in monitoring and data collection systems.

The board utilizes the Microchip MCP23008 Analog to Digital Converter and the MCP4922 Digital to Analog Converter. Both of the parts provide high-accuracy, fast conversion times, with easy control and data transfer using a standard SPI interface. Standard screw fixing PCB terminals are provided for reliable connection of incoming cables. A standard IDCC male header is provided for easy connection to the controller or other microcontroller. This board can easily be used with any controller with a standard SPI interface.



  • Connects Directly to the Ethernet Controller above
  • Provides an aditional Eight Channels of High-Accuray A/D input
  • Also includes a single D/A Converter
  • Connects to any Controller or Microcontroller with a standard SPI interface

Technical Data