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P8X32 Controller

Our Propeller P8X32 Controller board, utilizes the multi-processor high performance Propeller P8X32 microcontroller. This board offers standard connectors and support for direct ASCII Keypad Connection, Mouse support, TV Output, Audio output and much more. The P8X32 Controller board is a high-level controller that is ideal for use in graphical displays, robots and much more. Write programs in easy to learn high-level SPIN language or basic assembly language for direct peripheral control.

The P8X32 Controller Board includes the P8X32 microcontroller, which includes 8 separate processors for high-speed parallel processing. This enables complex calculations and peripheral support to be achieved easily whilst maintaining high-speed program execution. Programs can be developed quickly and easily using the high-level SPIN langauge, with direct support and object libraries for TV displays, keyboard and mouse inputs, together with audio input and output. A large number of I/O points are available for interfacing to external equipment. Programs can be developed and compiled using the Propeller software compiler and downloaded directly to the board using a standard RS232 computer connection.

All the necessary support components are included, with a +5V regulator and 3.3V regulator for on-board power supply. A MAX232 is mounted for direct RS232 computer connection, together with a RESET button to start program execution. Standard PS/2 mouting sockets are included for keyboard and mouse connections, together with a standard RCA TV connector and audio output jack.

Our P8X32 Controller Board is ideally suited for the hobbyists, wanting support for TV, keyboard and mouse control without the need to write complex support software and drivers for these devices. These peripherals are easily supported together with high-speed program execution with the multi-processor Propeller microcontroller. The P8X32 Controller board is ideal for use in graphical displays, visual control demonstrations with user feedback, as well as robots and other high-level applications.

Part Code: P8X32CONT


  • Includes Propeller P8X32 Microcontroller with 64kb Internal Memory
  • 8 Internal Processors for high-speed program execution and peripheral support
  • Operating Speed up to 80MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming using RS232
  • 32kBytes of RAM and 32kbytes of ROM
  • Program in easy-to-learn SPIN or Propeller Assembly
  • Direct Support and Object Libraries for TV Output, full ASCII Keyboard, Mouse and Audio
  • Connections provided for Keyboard, Mouse, TV output and Audio Output
  • On-Board Power Supply Regulator
  • Logic I/O Connectors Provided (I/O rated for 3.3V only)
  • Ideal for use in Graphical Displays, Robots and Much More