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ATmega Controller Board

Our popular and versatile ATmega Controller provides a powerful microcontroller based system with plenty of connection options for a full embedded system. This controller includes the high performance, fast throughput, and a huge 128k of flash program memory Atmel ATmega128 Microcontroller. Ideal for the most complex of tasks, this unit is loaded with a massive amount of I/O points making the controller perfect as a main board for large embedded applications.

The board includes in-circuit program download for easy updates and program changes. This can be done with the controller in place, or on-site. The programmer, the ET-AVR ISP is available separately. All port pins on the microcontroller are brought out to standard IDCC Headers for easy connection. A standard 14-pin LCD connection is also available for character LCD's. Two UARTs are included as standard on the microcontroller for computer interfacing and data transfer. A MAX232 is included for level shifting of the UART signal, these are connected to standard polarized headers for a simple RS232 connection to your computer or other embedded controller. A reset button is mounted on the board together with the necessary rectifier for the power supply together with a power-on LED. All necessary crystals and support components for the microcontroller are pre-installed and the board is delivered ready to run.

The ATmega Controller is based on the new ATmega128 microcontroller from Atmel® . This microcontroller is one of the most powerful currently available in the market. Included within the microcontroller is a massive 128k of Flash Program Memory, enabling easy rewriting and a huge storage space for large programs. The microcontroller also includes 4kbytes of RAM and EEPROM, allowing a large temporary storage area for data values and also for permanent values to be retained when the power is disconnected from the board. An eight channel 10-bit A/D convertor is included, making the system ideal for reading real-world and analog data. A real-time counter, together with a large number of timers are also available, included as standard is the SPI and I2C communications interface. The ATMega128 core is a high throughput RISC processor allowing up 16 MIPS.

If your looking for a new powerful main controller for complex applications our new ATmega Controller is ideal. This unit is both compact and powerful, together with high speed operation making it suitable for many real world applications including robotics, remote sensing units, main machinery controllers and much more.

Part Code: ATMEGACONT128


  • Includes Powerful Atmel ATmega128 Microcontroller with 128kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed at 16MHz with up to 16 MIPS throughput
  • In-Circuit Programming via ET-AVR ISP
  • A massive 48 I/O points with easy to connect standard IDCC Connectors
  • 2 RS232 Connections with MAX232
  • LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
  • 8 Channel 10-bit A/D Convertor
  • Two 16-bit Timers with Two 8-bit Timers
  • 4kbyte EEPROM
  • Power LED
  • Reset Button
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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