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ADuC832 Controller Board

ADuC832 Controller Board

ADuC832 Controller Board

ADuC832 Controller Board

Our ADuC832 Controller Board offers high speed A/D converters, combined with a large number of I/O points and plenty of programming memory. Featuring the ADuC832 microcontroller from Analog Devices as the main processor. This new microcontroller incorporates a huge 64k of reprogrammable Flash Program Memory, together with 4k of Data Flash Memory and 256 Bytes for general purpose RAM. Program Memory can be easily programmed in-circuit with easy to use software and download tools. This microcontroller also includes 8 channels of 12-bit Analog-Digital Convertors with high conversion speed and excellent accuracy. Together with 2-channels of 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue convertors and PWM outputs. The ADuC832 is one of the most powerful microcontrollers on the market and is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy measuring of analogue real world signals.

To support this microcontroller, we have included provision for storage of up to 1Mbyte of data, with the 628512 RAM chips with Back-up. Together with a Real Time Clock, Serial EEPROM, RS232 Communication and RS422/RS485 Communication. All port pins are available on easy to connect headers, as well as the ADC connections and DAC.

Code examples are provided in assembly language for each of the functions, to enable quick start-up and application development. This board is ideal for use in industrial measuring and monitoring applications. Together with use as a stand-alone controller for large machinery or in a home control system.

Please note: Power supply is not included.
ADuC832 is a registered trademark of Analog Devices.



  • Includes Analog Devices ADuC832 with 64kb internal Flash Program Memory, 4KBytes Flash Data Memory
  • All necessary power supply components and crystals(32.768kHz) are already installed.
  • All I/O pins connected to headers for easy external connections.
  • In-circuit programming via computer download cable (provided)
  • RS232 Communication with on-board MAX232 or equivalent
  • 8 Channels of 12-Bit Analog to Digital Convertors
  • 2 Channels of 12-Bit Digital to Analogue Convertors
  • Power LED and Reset Button
  • 1MByte External Data Ram with Back-up (628512 and DS1210 Optional)
  • Real Time Clock (DS1307 Optional)
  • EEPROM (24LC256 Option)
  • RS485/RS422 Communication (Requires 75176 IC's)
  • Code Examples Provided
  • Ideal for High-Accuracy Control System

Terrific Value at only $59.90   

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