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LPC1768 Controller Board

Available now, our most feature-packed powerful controller board yet. The LPC1768 Controller Board has everything and is ideal for the most complex of applications. Based on the new high performance LPC1768 ARM Microcontroller from NXP, this microcontroller combines speed together with large memory and the benefits of the new ARM core for maximum performance. The board includes all the necessary communications support together with a full color high resolution touch screen LCD for data input as well as display. The board is ideal for incorporation in a large embedded control system, for generators, water irrigation systems, building management systems and alternative energy systems, such as solar and wind turbines.

At the heart of our new controller is the high performance LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller from NXP including a huge 512kB internal Flash Program Memory, as well as 64kB of SRAM, ideal for the largest of applications and with plenty of space for programming of the touch screen LCD. The microcontroller is designed for high-speed applications with a maximum speed of up to 100MHz. The LPC1768 ARM Microcontroller also includes a host of useful auxiliary features, including a high conversion speed 12-bit 8-channel A/D convertor, 10-bit D/A converter, motor control PWM, real time clock (RTC), together with support for CAN, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, USB and much more. A total of 22 general I/O points are available, these are connected to standard headers on the controller, for easy connection and removal.

All the necessary support features have been included on the board to take advantage of this power of this microcontroller. For data storage and transfer, a standard SD card socket is included for easy removal and loading of large data using a standard Micro SD card. The board includes a full Ethernet LAN 10/100MB connection enabling the board to be connected to a standard computer network for control and information transfer. A full speed USB 2.0 connection is provided on the board with the ability to act as a host and as a receiver. A 5-direction joy-stick is also available for a wide range of applications, together with all the general components, including LED's for indication, buzzer for sound feedback and on-board regulator for the power supply.

The most exciting feature of our new LPC1768 Controller is the 240x320 TFT Touch Screen LCD display. The display has a resolution of up to 65,536 bits and provides an ideal method for inputing data and displaying attractive graphics for information feedback. The necessary driver chip is included on the board as well as the touch screen controller. With this LCD, you can easily control your application with the user simply pressing on the required icon on the screen, to display some value or switch on and off a remote device. Attractive color graphics can be designed to display various equipment under control as well as providing real-time feedback of their current values.

Our new LPC1768 Controller is the perfect solution for ARM enthusiasts, looking for a high-powered board for their embedded applications with LCD support and a large range of communications features. This board is ideal for incorporation in large control systems as a full stand alone controller, with all the necessary interface requirements to suit a wide range of applications. This controller can easily replace more expensive embedded computer boards at a fraction of the price of a full computer control system.

Part Code: LPC1768CONT


  • Includes NXP LPC1768 Microcontroller with 512kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed up to 100MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming for Easy Program Updates and JTAG Connector for Real Time Debugging
  • 240 x 320 Color LCD with touch screen support, suitable for resolutions up to 65,536 pixels
  • Up to 22 General Purpose IO points with easy to connect standard headers
  • Full Speed USB 2.0 Port
  • Ethernet LAN 10/100Mb Connection for full networking
  • Large 64k Data RAM
  • 6 Channels 12-Bit A/D
  • 1 Channel 10-Bit DAC
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Back-Up
  • SD Card Connector for Data Storage and Transfer
  • Directional Joy Stick
  • 8 Output LED's for General Use
  • On-Board Buzzer for Warning and Feedback
  • Load and Reset Button
  • On-Board 3.3V Regulator
  • Heaps of Ready to Run programs and sample code
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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