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Silicon Chip June 2014

In the June issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, build the new High Performance Majestic Stereo Speaker System. This new D-I-Y Speaker System delivers exceptional performance, rivalling many high-end systems. The speaker system delivers up to 300W's of power, with a sensitivity of 97dB per Watt. The frequency response curve is flat over the wide frequency range, with very little roll-off in the bass frequency response area of around 20Hz. Distortion is quite low, typically less than 0.5% in most of the frequency range. The speaker system can be driven by both small and large amplifiers, with the loudspeaker system suitable for both hi-fi use in the lounge room or for use in a large auditorium or hall. Also this month, build a Touch Screen Digital Audio Recorder, this unit has an easy to use touch screen interface, with an SD card socket for playing back music files or transferring files to your computer. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's articles, a look at some of the developments of the new Electric Superbikes for racing. These bikes have come a long way in just one year and this year's racing series will include a number of new teams. Also a quick look at the new Micsig MS510S Multi-Function Oscilloscope, this portable unit is ideal for the serviceman or service technician. Plus all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio are included, providing stacks of great reading.

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  • Australian Electric Superbikes
  • Fast Ethernet Connections Via 230Vac Mains
  • Review: Micsig MS510S Handheld Multifunction Oscilloscope


  • The Majestic Loudspeaker System
  • 2-Way Passive Loudspeaker Crossover Network
  • Touch-Screen Digital Audio Recorder, Part 1
  • The Micromite: An Easily Programmed Microcontroller, Part 2
  • 40V Switchmode Bench Power Supply, Part 3

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