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PCB Service


Futurlec offers a PCB Manufacturing Service for production of your printed circuit board designs from a wide range of pcb design programs. Our PCB Service can produce single or double-sided printed circuit boards with the option of solder mask and silk screening at very reasonable prices. Quantities start from just a single PCB prototype to large manufacturing quantities, with all printed circuit boards manufactured to international standards using high-quality materials.

For full technical specifications of our PCBs visit PCB Technical Specifications

For more general questions and information, please refer to PCB Frequently Asked Questions

PCB Service Quotation

To estimate the price of your printed circuit boards, follow the steps below for a priced quotation of our PCB Manufacturing Service.

Step 1: Dimensions

Enter the length and width of your board, in the following boxes, and select the dimensional units.


Step 2: Type of Board

Enter the type of board required, single sided or double sided. Double Sided Boards include Plated Through Holes.


Step 3: Options

Enter the PCB options required, silk screening for the white printed component designations and soldermask for the protective layer.



Step 4: Quantity Required

Enter the quantity of PCBs required.


Step 5: PCB Program

Enter the PCB Program used to design your PCB,


Step 6: Calculate Price