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Silicon Chip Magazine 2016

Silicon Chip December 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPDEC2016


  • Automotive Sensor Modifier
  • Arduino Based Digital Theremin
  • Voltage/Current Reference with Touchscreen, Part 2
  • Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Module as a Door Sentry


Silicon Chip November 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPNOV2016


  • 50A Battery Charge Controller
  • Passive Line to Phono Input Converter
  • Micromite Plus LCD BackPack
  • WiFi Switch Control Using a Raspberry Pi & Smartphone


Silicon Chip October 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPOCT2016


  • Lure & Liquidate Lovelorn Ziku Virus Mozzies
  • A New Transformer for the Currawong Valve Amplifier
  • Touchscreen-Controlled Energy Meter, Part 3
  • Two Micropower LED Flasher Modules
  • Micromite Plus Explore 100 Module, Part 2
  • Voltage/Current Reference with Touchscreen, Part 1


Silicon Chip September 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPSEP2016


  • Two 230VAC Mains Timers
  • 4-Input Automotive Fault Detector
  • Micromite Plus Explore 100 with Touchscreen, Part 1
  • Touchscreen-Controlled Energy Meter, Part 2


Silicon Chip August 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPAUG2016


  • Touchscreen-Controlled Energy Meter
  • Compact 8-Digit Auto-Ranging Frequency Meter
  • Micromite Plus & The Explore 64 Module
  • Add a 7-inch Touchscreen to your Raspberry Pi


Silicon Chip July 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPJUL2016


  • Universal -33°C to 125°C Temperature Alarm
  • Brownout Protector for Induction Motors
  • Touchscreen Super Clock
  • Stereo Audio Level/VU Meter, Part 2


Silicon Chip June 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPJUN2016


  • Stereo Audio Level/VU Meter: Add Bling to Your HiFi System
  • Arduino Based Cooling System Monitor
  • Hotel Safe Alarm for Travellers
  • Budget Senator 2-Way Loudspeaker System, Part 2


Silicon Chip May 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPMAY2016


  • Budget Senator 2-Way Loudspeaker System
  • 230/115VAC, 50/60Hz Precision Turntable Driver
  • 4-Input Temperature Sesnor PCB for the Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Multifunction 24-bit Measuring Shield, Part 2


Silicon Chip April 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPAPR2016


  • Touch Screen Boat Computer with GPS
  • Microwave Leakage Detector
  • Fridge/Freezer Alarm
  • Arduino Multifunction 24-bit Measuring Shield


Silicon Chip March 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPMAR2016


  • Ultrasonic Garage Parking Assistant
  • 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor for the Raspberry Pi
  • Delta Throttle Timer for Cars
  • Solar MPPT Charger & Lighting Controller, Part 2
  • Battery-Pack Cell Balancer for Optimum Charging


Silicon Chip February 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPFEB2016


  • Micromite LCD BackPack with Touch-Screen Display
  • Solar MPPT Charger & Lighting Controller, Part 1
  • Raspberry Pi Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Monitor, Part 2
  • Valve Stereo Preamplifier for Hi-Fi Systems, Part 2


Silicon Chip January 2016

Part Code: SILCHIPJAN2016


  • Valve Stereo Preamplifier for Hi-Fi Systems
  • Raspberry Pi Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Monitor, Part 1
  • High Visibility 6-Digit LED GPS Clock, Part 2
  • Reduce Rear-End Collisions with QuickBrake