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Silicon Chip November 2012

In this issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, a great new design for a High-Performance, High-Power 250W Class-D Amplifier. This unit is top of the range and features exceptional performance, with very low distortion, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high efficiency. The unit is easy to build and the design is very stable, ensuring a long and trouble free life. The unit is ideal for use in PA Systems, Stage Shows, Discos and much more. Also this month, build a High-Energy Ignition System for your car, this design is based on an IGBT ignition driver and is ideal for replacing old mechanical ignition systems, the unit features an adjustable dwell time, adjustable debounce period and tachometer output. Other projects this month, include a 20W LED Floodlight for outdoor use and the second part of the LED Musicolor project. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

This month's features show how to replace the Anode on your hot-water tank. This part corrodes rather quickly and by replacing it, you can extend the life of your hot-water system and save a lot of money. Also a look at the new Agilent U1233A Digital Multimeter with Bluetooth Output. Plus all the regular great columns.

Part Code: SILCHIPNOV2012


  • Sacrifice Your Sacrificial Anode
  • Review: Agilent U1233A DMM


  • High-Power Class-D Audio Amplifier, Part 1
  • High-Energy Ignition System for Cars, Part 1
  • LED Musicolor: Light up your Music, Part 2
  • Hacking a Mini Wireless Web Server, Part 1
  • A Seriously Bright 20W LED Floodlight

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