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Silicon Chip March 2017

In this month's Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, build a Pool Lap Counter. Ideal for the swimming enthusiast, this bright LED Pool Counter, features an easy to read display, together with an easy to obtain sense pad. The unit can be simply placed at the end of the pool together with the sense pad. The sense pad is mounted by using standard suction pads. The display will last for 12 hours of continuous use and is powered by 4 standard AA batteries. The unit is housed in a standard project box and can be assembled in a few hours.

Also in this month's projects, build the updated Stationmaster walk-around throttle for your model railway. This unit features an easy to hold unit, with forward and reverse speed control, together with inertia adjustment and an emergency brake. The unit uses standard easy to obtain parts and will provide great fun for the model train hobbyist. Finally this month, the construction details for the SC200 Power Supply section, as well as the performance specs for this new amplifier. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's main feature a look at the Philips BDM4350 Monitor. This huge 43-inch display is great for when multiple windows are open and moving content between various windows, without having to minimize and maximize the windows. Also this month, the second section of programming the Micromite, this month learn how to use the display to create a wide range of different and moving objects. Plus all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio are included, providing stacks of great reading.

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  • Vale Maurie Findlay: Australian Electronics Royalty
  • Putting a big 43-inch 4K monitor to the test
  • Getting Started with the Micromite, Part 2
  • Australia's Largest Vintage Radio Exhibition


  • Pool Lap Counter
  • The Stationmaster: PWM Train Control
  • New SC200 Audio Amplifier, Part 3
  • Giving the Ultrasonic Theremin a Volume Control

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