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Silicon Chip January 2017

In this month's Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, build the new high-performance SC200 200W Amplifier Module. This new amplifier is easy to build, with only commonly available through-hole components used. The amplifier features excellent performance specifications with very low distortion (less than 0.01%) and low noise (Signal-to-Noise Ratio -116dB), together with the ability to operate at specified power output levels without the addition of cooling fans. On-board DC Protection fuses are provided with LED fuse blown indication, as well as power indication LEDs and clipping as well. The module is ideal for use in high-power music amplifiers for concerts, discos and also for use in PA equipment.

Also in this month's projects, build the updated 60V DC Motor Speed Controller. This unit is suitable for large DC motors from 12V to 60V with the ability to supply up to 40A of current. The motor controller is loaded with features, including soft start, speed regulation with motor feedback, minimum and maximum throttle rate adjustment and much more. The unit is based on the PIC16F88 microcontroller and is built into a heavy duty diecast box, using mainly through-hole components for easy assembly. Finally this month, how to program an Atmel ATtiny85 microcontroller with an Arduino program. Many useful projects can be made quickly and cheaply with just a few components and software written using the Arduino IDE. This project shows you how to program the 8-pin ATtiny85 microcontroller with an Arduino program. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's main feature a look at Hydroelectric Power Storage. This type of power storage can provide power at an time and is ideal for providing back-up power when renewable sources such as solar or wind are not available. This article looks at the theories and some of the plants currently operating around the world. Plus all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio are included, providing stacks of great reading.

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  • Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity
  • Viewing Radio Waves in Colour
  • Using Breadboards
  • Real-Time System Modelling


  • New SC200 Audio Amplifier
  • High Power DC Motor Speed Control
  • Programming the ATtiny85 with an Arduino
  • Giving the Ultrasonic Theremin a Volume Control

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