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Silicon Chip August 2017

Now available, the August issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine. In this month's issue build the an Arduino Data Logger with GPS. This compact easy to assemble unit, is ideal for real-time monitoring of data at a remote location or when on the move. The unit has four analog and four digital logging channels and will record the data at intervals from one second to one minute. The unit is powered by a small lithium rechargeable cell, which can also be recharged via a solar cell ensuring long life. The unit incorpates a highly accurate DS3231 Real Time Clock module and also includes a microSD Card Module, for storing up to 32GB of data. Also this month, build a power supply for battery-operated valve radios. Finding batteries for old battery powered valve radios can be extremely difficult, plus the reliability of these old batteries can be doubtful. This power supply unit is the ideal replacement, providing a steady and reliable supply for the valve radio.

Finally this month, how to build and calibrate the RapidBrake project. Detailed and clear easy to read instructions are provided for setting up and testing the unit. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's feature article, a look at radio telescopes. Astronomers can now search deeper into the galaxy than ever before with larger dishes and more telescopes combined into a larger array able to sense ever the smallest of signals. Also this month, the second part of the article on the “LTspice” software engineering tool. This month's magazine also includes all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio, providing stacks of great reading.

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  • Radio Telescopes and Interferometry
  • LTSpice - simulating and circuit testing, Part 2
  • Lithium-ion cells - What You Need to Know
  • Review: Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


  • An Arduino Data Logger with GPS
  • Mains Power Supply for Battery Valve Radio Sets
  • El Cheapo Modules: Li-ion & LiPo Chargers
  • Deluxe Touchscreen eFuse, Part 2
  • Building and Calibrating the RapidBrake

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