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Silicon Chip April 2017

Now in stock, the April issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine. In this month's issue build an Spring Reverberation Unit for musicians. This unit provides great echo effects for your guitar or vocals and simulates the echo normal in a larger auditorium. The unit uses readily available parts and can be combined with an inexpensive spring tank, to provide more professional sounds for any musician. Also this month, build the eFuse, this unit can temporarily replace a conventional fuse and is ideal for use when trying to locate the a fault or problem on the supply lines. The unit acts like a circuit breaker and can be quickly reset by a press of the button on the front of the unit. Only a few parts are required and the unit can be built in an hour.

This month also includes a digital LCD Audio Scope that can easily be built for under $40. Finally, for your Micromite build a high accuracy touchscreen DDS signal generator. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's feature article, a look at DRED. This technology is now being built into air-conditioners to enable supply authorities to reduce the power drawn by the air-conditioner, remotely from the control center. Also continuing a look at inexpensive modules, this month a look at the miniature signal generator module featuring the Analog Devices AD9833 DDS chip. This month's magazine also includes all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio, providing stacks of great reading.
(Note: Catalogue Not Included)

Part Code: SILCHIPAPR2017


  • DRED: they can turn your aircon off
  • El Cheapo Modules, Part 6: Direct Digital Synthesiser
  • Review: Keysight DSOX1102G Digital Oscilloscope


  • New Spring Reverberation Unit
  • The eFuse: never replace another blown fuse
  • A Digital LCD Audio Scope, for less than $40
  • Micromite BackPack Touchscreen DDS Signal Generator

Limited Stock at only $6.90