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New VBUS-Powered Controller for 5V USB-C Charging Applications

The STMicroelectronics STUSB4500L is a stand-alone USB-Controller for Bluetooth Speakers, Wi-Fi, LED Lighting and USB Dongles

The STUSB4500L from STMicroelectronics is a small-footprint addition to the Company’s USB-C controller IC family designed and certified for pure 5V sink-only applications. All mandatory features to use the USB-C connector as a 5V universal power plug are integrated, allowing designers to implement USB-C charging solutions quickly and easily without studying the standard or writing code.

USB-C is rapidly becoming established as a replacement for Micro-B or Mini-B plugs, for both power and data connections, as it offers the advantages of reversible orientation and greater robustness — up to 10,000 connect/disconnect cycles.

Click for Larger Image - ST Introduces Standalone VBUS-Powered Controller ST’s new USB-C controller IC is a stand-alone, plug-and-play interface product, targeting low-voltage applications such as Bluetooth speakers, computer accessories, Wi-Fi access points, point-of-sale equipment, LED lighting, and USB dongles. It can also be used for powering equipment such as single-board computers and hardware development kits. The controller IC runs without additional code and requires no external support from the microcontroller, which eases adoption of the USB-C connector standard by saving time-consuming design work.

The STUSB4500L is auto-powered via VBUS from the connected source and does not need to be supplied from a local battery or on-board power. Zero leakage current prevents draining the battery when not charging. Input over-voltage protection prevents low-voltage equipment being damaged if it is incorrectly connected, for example, to a 20V source from a USB PD AC adapter rather than the required 5V supply.

Further features include ‘dead-battery’ support to ensure correct identification by the source when the battery is fully discharged, true cold-socket implementation which keeps the VBUS switch open by default until safe 5V input power is supplied, source power-budget identification and error-recovery support to ensure correct re-starting when a fault is triggered.

Features of the STUSB4500L include

  • Auto-run Type-C™ sink controller
  • Dead battery mode support
  • Integrated VBUS switch gate drivers (PMOS)
  • Integrated VBUS voltage monitoring
  • Short-to-VBUS protections on CC pins
  • High voltage capability on VBUS pins
  • VBUS powered:
    • Zero consumption on local battery or application
    • VDD = [4.1 V; 22 V]
  • Temperature range: -40 °C up to 105 °C
  • ESD: 3 kV HBM - 1.5 kV CDM
  • Certified:
    • USB Type-C™ rev 1.4
    • Power sinking device (TID #1455)

More information on the STUSB4500L Standalone USB Type-C port controller is available on the ST website at STUSB4500L product page.

The STMicroelectronics website address is www.st.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from STMicroelectronics - Release Date, 19th March, 2020]