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Op Amps for Everyone

by Bruce Carter and Ron Mancini

New Op-Amp book with plenty of detailed circuit theory and practical design examples. This book is ideal as a University coursebook for Op-Amp theory. The first sections cover all the basic theory in detail, together with the necessary equations for designing and selecting the correct parts. The parameters and practical design examples are then explored with plenty of typical applications. Circuits are then developed for RF design, active filter designs and instrumentation applications. The book also covers circuit board layout techniques and comes complete with a circuit collection of common circuits. Op Amps for Everyone, is ideal for the engineering student or as a reference book for the circuit design engineer.



  • Basic Theory Explained in Detail
  • Plenty of Circuits Designed and Developed
  • Complete Filter and RF Design Section
  • Includes Circuit Collection with Plenty of Typical Circuits
  • Ideal for University Textbook or Designers Reference

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