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Op Amp Applications Handbook

by Analog Devices

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One of the best books available on Op Amps, this excellent handbook covers the basics, design, applications and history of Op Amps. Written with co-operation from Analog Devices, with input from some of the leading technical experts in the field. This book goes from the basics all the way up to designing and implementing complex circuitry. This book includes sections on standard amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, programmable gain amplifiers and isolation amplifiers. Detailed use in typical circuits is also covered with sections on sensor signal conditioning, analog filters, signal amplifiers and use in power supplies. Also included is an excellent section of the history of Op-Amps. This book is ideal for the College or University student and design staff.



  • 100's of Typical Circuits Included
  • Detailed Calculations Demonstrated and Formulas Provided
  • Section on Design Considerations for EMI/RFI
  • Graphs and Transfer Functions Explained for Filter Designs
  • 878 Pages

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