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Electronics From The Ground Up

by Ronald Quan

Designed for the Intermediate Level, "Electronics from the Ground Up", is ideal for the College student or University student. The book starts with the basic components, how to identify them and the basic construction techniques. Including resistors, capacitors, transistors, LED's and FET's. The book then moves onto the basic circuits, including amplifiers and oscillators, as well as building basic audio amplifiers

The final sections of the book cover radio and video signals, with basic radio and video circuits described in detail. Together with a section on circuit analysis and designing a typical amplifier with the various maths equations described in detail. This book is ideal as a first year textbook in college and also as a self-study guide for those wanting a detailed understanding of electronics and basic circuit theory.



  • Excellent First Year Course Book for College
  • Covers the Basic Components First together with some Simple Circuits
  • Complete Theory together with Circuits for Amplifier and Oscillator Designs
  • AM, FM and Video Signals and Circuits Covered in Detail
  • 526 pages filled with useful information

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