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P89C51 Development Board

P89C51 Development Board

Our P89C51 Development Board includes the P89C51RD2 microcontroller which features a huge 64kb of internal flash memory, to accommodate the largest of programs. The microcontroller can run at either 18.432MHz or 36.864MHz in double speed mode. The development board includes 3 x 82C55 I/O ICs for a total of 72 I/O ports. 32kbytes of RAM is also included with the on board 62256, including a back-up facility with the DS1210 IC. Sockets are provided for ICs for A/D conversion, D/A conversion, high current output, real time clocks, RS232, RS485/RS422, EEPROM's plus header pins for LCD's, keypads, I2C, SPI and heaps more.

Programming software is included together with download cable. The board is an ideal embedded controller, for many applications.

Please note: This is a complete unit and not a kit. Power supply is not included.

Part Code: P89C51DEVBRD


  • Includes P89C51RD2 with 64kb internal Flash Program Memory
  • All necessary power supply components and crystals(18.432MHz) are already in place.
  • 72 bit I/O Port 8255 On Board
  • P89C51 can be programmed in system
  • Heaps of different devices and ICs can be easily connected
  • Dramatically reduces program development time