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6 x 7-Segment LED Display

6 x 7-Segment LED Display

Easy to use 6 x 7-Segment LED Display Board, includes 6 pre-installed Large Red Common Cathode Seven Segment Displays 2.25" High and ULN2803A driver IC'a. Connectors provided for easy interfacing to Futurlec Development boards and to a standard RS-232 Computer Port. Instructions, code samples and Schematics included. Ideal for scoreboards, counters, clocks and countdown displays. Board is supplied fully assembled and ready to run.

Part Code: 6X7SEGMENT


  • 6 x Large 7-Segment Common Cathode LED Displays (2.25" High)
  • ULN2803A Drivers Included
  • AT89C2051 Microcontroller Included On-Board with MAX1232
  • Easy to connect 9 pin D-Sub for control
  • RS232/RS422/RS485 Communication
  • Dimensions: Length - 360mm Width - 82mm