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10A Marine Solar Battery Charger for Lighting

10A Marine Solar Battery Charger for Lighting

Especially Designed for a Marine Environment our new High Performance 10A Marine Solar Battery Charger for Lighting is ideal for use on boats, piers, channel beacons, and warning lights. The unit automatically turns on the lights as darkness approaches. The lights can then be switched off either after a certain time period or when light returns in the morning. Adjustable hourly timer is built in to the unit and can be set for a certain number of hours after darkness.

These units have been designed to be water proof and corrosion resistant ensuring long life in the harshest of marine environments. This units employs the latest in PWM micropocessor-based charging techniques for maximum energy storage and is suitable for both 12V and 24V Battery Systems.

This unit can be used with Gel, Sealed Lead-Acid and Flooded Battery Types, with maximum efficiency for each battery type. LED status indication is provided to give clear indication of the state of charge and charging operation of the unit. Our new 10A Marine Solar Battery Charger for Lighting is ideal for your Boat's Mooring Lights, Pier Night Lights and Solar-Powered Warning Beacons.

Part Code: SEASTAR_10A_LIG


  • Especially Designed for Marine Use
  • Automatically Turns on Lights on Darkness
  • Integral Timer for Adjustable Time Periods after Dark
  • Utilizes PWM Microprocessor-Based Charging Control for Maximum Efficiency
  • Suitable for both 12V and 24V Systems
  • LED Indicator Lights for Status
  • Wide Temperature Working Range of -35°C to +55°C
  • Water Proof and Corrosion Resistant (IP65 Rating)
  • Full Installation Instructions Included

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