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Basic 3.5 Digit Multimeter

Great handheld digital multimeter for quick and easy testing. Includes easy to read display and continuity testing with buzzer. Also has long battery life. Keep one in the car, garage and kitchen.

Part Code: DM-DT830D


  • Measures AC/DC Voltage
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC Current Measurement up to 10A
  • Transistor Hfe Measurement
  • Continuity Tester with Buzzer
  • Removable Test Leads Included


3.5 Digit Multimeter with Temperature Measurement

Improved Basic Multimeter with all the basic features plus temperature measurement. Ideal for monitoring or checking the temperature of various components. This lightweight unit is ideal for a large number of applications in and around the home.

Part Code: MULTIM


  • Measures AC/DC Voltage
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC Current Measurement up to 10A
  • Transistor Hfe Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement with Temp. Probes Included
  • Continuity Tester with Buzzer
  • Removable Test Leads Included


High Isolation Voltage Digital Multimeter

Small Compact, easy to use Multimeter, with simple selectable scale settings. Easily fits in your pocket and comes complete with a vinyl pouch. Suitable for measurement of AC/DC Voltages, DC Currents, Resistance and Diode Forward Voltage. A continuity buzzer is also included, together with integral fuse protection.

Part Code: M300


  • Measures AC/DC Voltage up to 500V
  • Continuity Buzzer
  • Resistance up to 2Mohm
  • DC Current Measurements to 200mA
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Integral Fuse Protection
  • Measures Diode Forward Voltage
  • Lightweight, Compact Size, Complete with Pouch
  • Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 21mm
  • Weight: 110g


Auto-Ranging Multimeter with Data Hold

Easy to use Auto-Ranging Multimeter with a wide range of measuring functions including frequency. This multimeter measures AC and DC voltages up to 600V, together with AC and DC currents to 10A. Resistance, continuity and diode voltage drop is also measured, as well as frequency up to 5MHz. A data hold function is also included together with Low Battery warning and fuse protection. This easy to use multimeter is perfect for the test bench with excellent accuracy and the benefits of autoranging.

Part Code: EM30


  • Easy to Use, Autoranging Type
  • Measures AC/DC Voltage up to 600V
  • AC and DC Currents up to 10A
  • Continuity Buzzer
  • Resistance Measurement to 40Mohm
  • Frequency Measurements
  • Data-Hold Function
  • Lightweight, Compact Size
  • Dimensions: 158 x 80 x 40mm
  • Weight: 200g


Capacitance Multimeter with Frequency Measurement

Heavy duty Digital Multimeter with standard ranges together with Capacitance, Frequency and temperature measurement. This large, easy to read multimeter is ideal for the professional, with a large range of functions suited to the test bench or circuit designer. This multimeter measures AC/DC voltages to 600V, AC/DC Currents to 10A, Frequency to 20kHz, Capacitance to 20µF, resistance to 200Mohm, as well as temperature, transistor hFE and diode voltage drop.

Part Code: EM890G


  • Measures AC/DC Voltage
  • AC/DC Currents to 10A
  • Resistance Measurement
  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Continuity Buzzer
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Transistor hFE Measurement
  • Frequency to 20kHz
  • Large Easy to Read Digits
  • Dimensions: 175 x 88 x 40mm
  • Weight: 280g


Digital Clamp Multimeter

Standard Clamp Multimeter for easy reading of AC Currents using large jaws. This multimeter can also read AC Voltages, DC Voltage and Resistance with the meter leads included. The unit comes complete with an easy to carry pouch and is light in weight. Ideal for the electrician or for checking current consumption of various equipment.

Part Code: EM266


  • Measures AC Voltage up to 750V
  • Measures AC Current up to 1,000A
  • DC Voltage up to 1,000V
  • Resistance to 20kohm
  • Continuity Checks with Buzzer
  • Easy to Open Clamp with Secure Holding
  • Optional Insulation Test Unit
  • Data Hold Button
  • Complete with Test Leads and 9V Battery
  • Comes Complete with Zippable Carry Pouch
  • Dimensions: 240 x 102 x 47mm


Digital Scales

New compact, lightweight Digital Scales for measuring things on the go. This small handheld unit will measure weights up to 5kg, with three selectable weight units, including kilograms, pounds and ounces. The unit includes an auto-off feature, to conserve battery life, as well as a temperature measurement option. A tare function is also included for measuring liquids in a container or other holding vessel.

Part Code: PS502


  • Digital Scale Reading for Weights up to 5kg
  • Three Selectable Weight Units, kg, lb and oz
  • Backlight Included for Low Light Conditions
  • Temperature Measurement Function Also Included
  • Automatic Power Off Feature for Long Battery Life
  • Tare Function for Calculating Weight of Goods in a Container
  • Uses 3 x AAA Batteries, included
  • Low Battery Indication