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Touch Pad

Touch Pad

Easy to use and incorporate into projects, our new Touch Pad is a great way of adding a touch switch to a wide range of control boards and panels. The unit only requires a 3.3V or 5V power source and will give a digital output when the button is touched, as well as the option of a digital output if a finger or hand is in proximity to the switch. No programming or software is required, the unit is fully self contained and can connect directly to your Arduino Board or control panel.
Goto Touch Pad
arrowAlso Available: Touch Keypad


Opto-Isolated DC Input Board

Opto-Isolated DC Input Board

Just arrived, our new Opto-Isolated DC input board, this great new board is ideal for a wide variety of control applications. From watering systems, burglar alarms and much more. This board features opto-isolated inputs together with LED indication of each channel. Suitable for both 5V and 24V inputs, together with standard easy to connect output headers for connection to your microcontroller or embedded system. Goto DC Opto-Isolated Input Board


Opto-Isolated DC Output Board

Opto-Isolated DC Output Board

Ideal for controlling solenoids, small dc motors and other DC Loads. This professionally produced dc output board, is ideal for your control system, featuring high current and fast switching output transistors, together with opto-isolated output and led status indication. The unit can easily be controlled with standard TTL outputs from either a microcontroller or your control system. This unit is perfect for commercial and industrial systems. Available at a very attractive price also. Goto DC Opto-Isolated Output Board
arrowAlso Available: 4 Channel DC Opto-Isolated Output Board


Relay Output Board

Relay Output Board

Our bestseller relay output board, is ideal for controlling a wide range of equipment. Easily connects to any standard +5V microcontroller output and includes high current relays, for switching of AC loads. LED indication of relay state is included together with pull-up resistors for TTL input. Great for use in control systems and is delivered ready to run at a very competitive price. Goto Relay Output Board
arrowAlso Available: Opto-Isolated Relay Output Board


Opto-Isolated DC Motor Board

Opto-Isolated DC Motor Board

It's just arrived, our great new DC Motor Controller Board. This board features direction and speed control on-board or via a standard TTL input to a microcontroller or control board. The board features high powered MOSFET output drivers for DC Motors from 6-24Vdc and with a current handling capacity of up to 5A. This board is ideal for use as a motor speed controller in robots, servos or other DC motor systems. Available now at a very attractive price. Goto DC Motor Controller
arrowAlso Available: Stepper Motor Controller

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