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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. The largest range of Microcontroller Boards at the best possible price.
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PCI Bus Interface Computer Card

Computer Card

New computer control card for the PCI bus. This card plugs directly into the computers PCI bus and provides 72 I/O points for direct computer control. Use your computer to turn on lights, appliances and receive input from alarm systems, etc. Great for gardening systems, burglar alarms, remote control. Unit can be easily controlled with Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi or other high-level programming languages.
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DSUP 9 Connector

Need to connect your project to a Computer or would like access to the data pins on a USB Connection. These easy to use connection boards are the ideal solution. All connections from the RS232 or USB Plug are brought out onto easy to connect pcb terminal blocks or a standard header. This makes connection to your computer a breeze without needing to wire the small USB or DSUB plugs.
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Compact Flash Board

Compact Flash Board

Just released our new Futurlec Compact Flash Board has been specifically designed to suit the most demanding data logging and remote monitoring applications. Fitted with an easily removable Compact Flash Memory Card, this board can store up to a massive 4Gb's of data in the easily removable Compact Flash Card. Data can be easily transferred in seconds with a card reader. This board is ideal for use to record temperature values, GPS data, Vehicle Speeds and Fuel Consumption, making it well suited for use in Industrial, Agricultural and remote monitoring applications.
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RS232 to USB Converter

PC I/O Card

Have an old or existing board, with only an RS232 connection and no RS232 connection on your new laptop. This RS232 to USB Converter will easily connect with your existing board and allow a direct connection to the USB plug. Can be used with our development boards and controllers for USB Programming and Control. Goto RS232 to USB Converter

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