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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.

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What's New
New Microchip 18-pin 16-bit Microcontroller
New 40 MIPS Microcontroller is ideal for high-performance, calculation-intensive applications, read more...

Atmel Releases New PicoPower AVR's
New Ultra Low Power Units are Ideal for Battery Applications, read more...

New High-Precision Programmable Gain Amplifier
Deviceís 16 Gain Steps Provide Unmatched 0.03 Percent Gain Accuracy, read more...

New 802.11n WLAN Module
New High Speed WLAN for Multimedia and Internet Applications, read more...

New Smart Motion Sensor
New Low-power 2-axis SPI/I2C digital-output MEMS accelerometer,

First Floating Point DSP's
TMS320F2833x DSCs Boost Performance 50 Percent and Simplify Software Development for Solar Power and Other Applications read more...

More News...

Just Arrived
Embedded Systems Book
Ethernet Mini Board
New PIC18F4550 Board
Wireless Data Transceivers
RS232 to USB Converter
New Relay Output Board
Solid State Relay Board
Solar Charge Controller
CCTV Camera
Square LED Matrix
PIR Module
Pressure Sensors
New Infrared LED's
New Powerful PIC Controller
ATTiny2313 Controller
RFID Cards
PIR Sensors
Great New Mini Boards
New 7-Segment Displays
PLCC Adapters
DC Motor Controller
ARM7024 Controller
Opto-Isolated Interfaces
ARM2103 Controller
Ultrasonic Sensors
New ET-AVR Stamp
ENC28J60 Ethernet Cont.
New Range of Keypads
Electrical Engineering 101
New Alcohol Sensor
New PIC16F877 Controller

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