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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. The largest range of Microcontroller Boards at the best possible price. Need Help.


ET-AVR Stamp

ET-AVR Stamp Module

We've just updated, our powerful new ET-AVR Stamp, this compact high-performance Stamp module, incorporates the high throughput Atmel ATMega128 microcontroller. With 128kBytes of Flash Program Memeory, A/D Convertors, 2 UART's, on-board Real Time Counter, this high-performance module is ideal for use in heaps of applications. The module can be easily programmed in the system, together with the flexibility of a removable module. Great as a CPU or as the main controller for your robot or next embedded application. Reduce your development and system costs with this cost effective solution. To find out more, Goto ET-AVR Stamp
arrowAlso Available: Stamp Mounting Board


New High Power Radio Data Transceiver

New High Power Radio Data Transceiver

Just arrived the new updated more powerful 433MHz Data Transceiver. The powerful compact unit is ideal for transmitting and receiving data over a long range, up to 300m for line of sight operation. The unit can send and recieve up to 115Kbps and is ideal for use in remote monitoring and data transfer applications. This compact transceiver is terrific value at only $ 14.90 each. Goto Radio Data Transceivers


New GPS Modules

New GPS Modules

Just arrived, our 2 new GPS Modules. These GPS Modules are ideal for use with Robots, Tracking Equipment, Trip Recorders and much more. The modules are easy to use and can be easily interfaced to most microcontrollers. The units come with an inbuilt antenna and offer excellent accuracy together with High Sensitivity. Also available is a separate GPS Active Antenna for improved signal reception. Goto GPS Modules

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