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PIC18F458 Training Board

PIC18F458 Training Board

Exciting New PIC18F458 Training Board, featuring the new PIC18F458 from Microchip, with 32kb on-chip Flash Memory, 1.6k Bytes of RAM and 256 Bytes of EEPROM. This new board is loaded with features, including real time clock, EEPROM, LCD connector, RS232 Communication, RS422/RS485 Communication, speaker and heaps more. The PIC18F458 Training Board is ideal to develop and test code quickly, using the in-circuit download software. Circuits are prewired and applications can be developed and running in minutes. The board is ideal for a training tool in schools, technical colleges or universities. To find out more, Goto PIC18F458 Training Board


ATMega Training Board

ATMega Training Board

Our latest ATMega Training Board is an ideal way to get started with Atmel AVR microcontrollers, providing an excellent learning tool for code development and application. Code can be downloaded directly using the provided Windows in-circuit download software and computer cable. The board includes a number of supporting IC's, commonly in use in embedded systems. Ancillary circuits provide a Real Time Clock, EEPROM, RS232 Communication for computer connection, LCD Connection, Buzzer/Speaker, I2C Bus and much more. Great for most embedded applications and a learning tool for AVR programming. Goto ATMega Training Board


T89C51 Training Board

T89C51 Training Board

New T89C51 Training Board, features 32kb on-chip Flash Memory, 256 Bytes of RAM, 1k Byte of ERAM together with 2k Bytes of EEPROM. Included on the board is a real-time clock, eeprom, RS232 Connection, LCD Connection, RS422/RS485 Support, Buzzer/Speaker, I2C bus and much more. The board is ideal for use in schools, colleges and universities to teach and develop code for use in a 8051 programming environment. The board is also ideal for use as a complete real-time embedded controller, with all port pins available at header connections. Applications can be up and running quickly with the in-circuit download software. Goto T89C51 Training Board



Relay Output Board

Just released our new range of input and output test boards, these are ideal for testing and developing code for your training board. Test input, output, ADC and much more, with these easy to use and connect boards. Simply plug the test board directly onto the training board and start testing code immediately. Cable Connector and Circuit Diagram Included. Goto Training Board Accessories


Z8 Training Board

Z8 Training Board

New Z8 Training Board, features 64kb on-chip Flash Memory, 4k Bytes of RAM, 12 channels of 10-bit ADC, plus 4 16-Bit Timers with PWM and capture/compare. Included on the board is a real-time clock, eeprom, RS232 Connection, LCD Connection, RS422/RS485 Support, Buzzer/Speaker, I2C bus and much more. The board is ideal for use as an embedded controller, in a real-time environment, as a controller or monitoring unit. The large memory and fast speed of the board is ideal for the most demanding embedded applications. In-circuit download software and cables are provided, together with sample code and manual. Goto Z8 Training Board

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