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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.


Click for Larger Image - Solar Energy Projects

Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius

by Gavin D.J. Harper

Exciting new Solar Energy project book, from the Evil Genius Series. This books covers a wide range of topics with 50 interesting projects to build including solar cookers, solar refrigerators, water purifier, solar flashlights, solar vehicles and even a solar robot. This book explains the theory behind each project with plenty of illustrations and diagrams. Parts lists are included with a list of suppliers and also numerous web links for further information. Great for school projects and general solar experimentation.



  • 50 Easy to Build Solar Projects
  • Detailed Instructions with Illustrations and Parts Lists
  • Background Theory Explained
  • Large Section of Links for Further Information

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Alternative Energy DeMystified

by Stan Gibilisco

Interested in the various options available for green energy. This book is an excellent introduction to the new technologies available for solutions to the fuel shortage. The book explains each different alternative enery solution available with plenty of illustrations and examples provided. Each chapter is self contained and includes a quiz to check your knowledge as you go along. If you are thinking of a green solution for your home, this book is an excellent starting point.



  • Excellent Basic Introduction starting from the basics and building up to more complex theory
  • Covers a wide range of fuel technologies
  • Learn about Bio-fuels and other alternative energy solutions

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Click for Larger Image - Alternative Energy DeMystified

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Click for Larger Image - 50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius

50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius

by Jamil Shariff

For those interested in saving energy and setting up a Green Home, this book is an excellent starting point. A number of useful projects are covered to reduce energy and improve recycling around your home. Plenty of interesting solar projects are covered included solar cookers, heaters, solar panels and also wind turbines. The book provides detailed instructions for building the projects with plenty of pictures and step-by-step guides. This book is ideal for those starting out with alternative energy and reducing energy around the home.



  • Plenty of Easy to Build Practical Home Projects
  • Detailed Instructions with Background Theory
  • Learn How to Improve Efficiency and Recycle Household Waste
  • Plenty of Solar and Wind Projects

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Solar Power for Your Home

by David S Findley

This new Solar Power for your Home book, is an excellent starting point for those wishing to convert or complement your Home energy system with Solar Power. The book starts from the basics, with an introduction to the history and types of Solar Energy systems available. The book then looks at easy methods to reduce your energy usage and how to reduce your power bill. The details of setting up a PV system is included together with how to calculate the cells required and the expected cost savings. Finally, this book looks at the future solar technologies and how they will improve energy conversion and storage techniques. Solar Power for your Home is ideal for the beginner just starting out of a Solar Project or wanting to reduce their energu consumption with quick and easy home projects.

Part Code: SOL_POWER


  • Excellent Introduction to the Basics of Solar Energy, the Systems and Options Available
  • How to Set-Up a PV System, The Fundamentals and Costs
  • Calculating Energy Consumption and Energy Savings
  • Future Technologies and Reference Information

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Click for Larger Image - Solar Power for Your Home

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Click for Larger Image - Solar House

Solar House

by Terry Galloway

Solar House - A Guide for the Solar Designer, is ideal for the professional architect or designer, looking to build and implement a low energy usage home. The book covers in detail, site selection and home design for maximum energy savings. A detailed guide for home cooling, heating and hot water systems is covered, looking at the various options available and the ways to calculate energy consumption. Also covered extensively is the cost and potentail savings of a PV system. Detailed calculations are provided with methods to convert this to your actual location and energy charges. Solar House covers in detail the requirements to set-up a Solar House with both improved design and integrated Solar PV system.

Part Code: SOL_HOUSE


  • Detailed Calculations for System Cost and Potential Savings
  • How to Design and Locate your House for Maximum Energy Savings
  • Cost and Implementation of Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Monitoring and Recording Energy Savings

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Green Lighting

by Brian Clark Howard, William J. Brinsky and Seth Leitman

Lighting makes up a considerable part of most power bills, this new book covers the basics on how to reduce the energy consumption of homes and offices, by using energy efficient lights and fixtures. The new lighting technologies are covered including LED Lights, Compact Flourescent Lighting and how to use Natural Lighting to reduce costs. The book also covers how to calculate the costs involved and the payback period for using different technologies. This Green Lighting book is ideal for those planning a new home or renovating an existing structure.

Part Code: GRN_LGH


  • Covers the Currently Available Types of Lighting, Their Benefits and Costs
  • Introduces the Basics of Energy Ratings and Light Output
  • Looks at Future Lighting Trends and Solar Lighting
  • Also Covers Lighting Fixtures and Best Practices for Outdoor Lighting

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Green Lighting

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Click for Larger Image - Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

by Kevin Shea and Brian Clark Howard

If you are interested in building your own alternative Wind Power System, this book is a must have. The book is great introduction as well as providing detailed information on the design and development of your own wind system. The book starts with the basics, including the theory on Wind Power and if it is suitable for your application. The book then looks at the costs and the design of Wind Turbines. Finally the book covers the choice of a wind system for your application, the selection of the various components required as well as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your system. For those starting with their Wind Power System this book is ideal, full of actual real-world information and advice, this book will get you up and running quickly, as well as avoiding the most common mistakes in the implementation of this sort of system.



  • Excellent Introduction to Wind Power
  • Detailed Theory on Wind Turbines and Real-World Costing Information
  • Guide to Selection of the Right Parts for your System
  • Instructions on Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of your System
  • 472 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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