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Click for Larger Image - Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects for the Evil Genius

Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects for the Evil Genius

by Donald Norris

This latest Raspberry Pi® book includes some very interesting projects for both practical purposes and to develop your knowledge of the Raspberry Pi system. Each project is explained in detail, together with the necessary parts lists and program code to get the project up and running. Some of the theory and design practices are also covered to provide a good background for the projects. The book covers all of the Raspberry Pi versions, with programs mainly written in Python, with a few examples in C and Java also.

Projects include adding a touchscreen to your Pi for user interaction and also feedback, together with an example of using an Arduino board as a coprocessor to handle interfacing to a number of different sensors. Also build an RGB LED matrix screen, a Raspberry Pi supercomputer using eight Pi's. A number of robot projects are also included from building a robotic car to a complex six Degrees-of-Freedom robotic arm, together with an interesting, software defined radio unit.

This book is ideal for the more experienced Raspberry Pi® user who wants to develop some interesting applications and to further expand their knowledge of the board.



  • Ideal for the Experienced Raspberry Pi User
  • Build a number of Interesting Projects with complete parts lists and code included
  • Projects include a RGB LED Matrix Screen, Arduino Board Coprocessor,
    Software Defined Radio
  • Robotice Projects include a Robotic Car and a number of Complex Robotic Arms
  • 280 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius

by Donald Norris

The Raspberry Pi® computer is fast gaining widespread popularity due to the compact size, low cost and high performance specifications. The board has numerous connection ports for connecting ethernet, keyboards, USB and General I/O, making the board suitable for a wide range of development and embedded projects. The Raspberry Pi Projects book is an ideal starting point for those wanting to learn about this powerful mini-computer. The book starts with a basic introduction to the hardware and the various connections, together with setting up the Linux operating system.

Numerous useful projects are then covered, starting from the very basic Blink LED program to learn about the various I/O points on the computer. Then to the more sophisticated projects, including a MP3 player, a GPS Receiver to display the units location, together with a heap of satellite data from the receiver. Also covered is a Home Automation System using a standard remote control together with a very interesting Robotic Car. All projects include a parts list, together with various portions of the program code applicable to the program, as well as step-by-step instructions for putting the projects together.

This book is ideal for those wanting to start using the Raspberry Pi® board as quickly and easily as possible, with easy to follow instructions and plenty of real world typical projects that can be easily built and modified to build more complex applications.



  • Excellent Starting Point for Learning and Developing Raspberry Pi Applications
  • Full Introduction into the Board and the Various Connection Ports
  • Numerous Useful Projects, including GPS Device, Home Security Controller, Robotic Car
  • Full Parts List, Program Code and Step by Step Instructions
  • 208 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius

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Click for Larger Image - Programming the Raspberry Pi

Programming the Raspberry Pi - Getting Started with Python

by Simon Monk

Quick, easy to read, introduction to Programming the Raspberry Pi, this new book is a good starting point for the beginner. Basic set-up of the Raspberry Pi is covered and then the book moves onto introducing Python Programming, with detailed information for writing your first program. All the necessary commands and methods are covered, with detailed information on connecting to the Internet. The book then covers, using the Graphical User Interface for accepting input from the user and also several basic game designs are covered, with plenty of code examples.

The final sections of the book cover real-world interfacing and applications. Detailed information is provided on connecting input and output to your board. A number of projects are included to improve your knowledge of interfacing, with a basic clock and a distance sensing robot. The Programming the Raspberry Pi book is a good introduction to the board and writing basic programs for using the features of the Raspberry Pi board.



  • Easy to Read, Basic Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
  • Introduces Python Programming
  • How to Use the Graphical User Interfaces and Create Fun Games
  • Interface to the Real World with Basic I/O, a Clock Project and a Basic Robot with Distance Sensing
  • 170 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps

by Mike McGrath

Just arrived, the new book Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps, this book is ideal for the very beginner. With detailed step by step instructions to get your board up and running, as well as preparing the software for programming. The first sections explains the basics of the board, with heaps of useful information and clear pictures to have you up and running quickly. The next sections show you how to create animations for your display as well as a quick introduction to Python programming. Playing sounds, creating loops and using test expressions are all covered in easy to follow language, together with plenty of code examples.

The book then moves onto creating games and controlling display objects on your screen, together with building windowed apps for accepting input from a keyboard. The final sections of the book cover interfacing your board with the real-world, with pushbutton inputs and LED display outputs. The new Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps book is ideal to buy with your Raspberry Pi board, as all the necessary set-up information is provided in easy to follow, step by step instructions in full color.



  • In Full Color with Plenty of Pictures and Code Segments
  • Clear Step by Step Instructions
  • Ideal for the Beginner and Hobbyist
  • Plenty of Python Code Examples and Explanations
  • Learn How to Create Animations, Control Input and Output
  • 192 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps

Order Now for only $14.50   

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