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In-Line TDS Monitor

In-Line TDS Monitor

Compact Easy to Use TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Monitor for Water Filtration and Recycling Systems. This unit displays the TDS in ppm and is suitable for up to 999 ppm. A miniature included sensor is mounted within the pipe and the readings can be shown automatically on the unit. The unit also provides an alarm with set-point when a certain ppm value is reached.

The unit is powered by 2 x AA Batteries and can easily be mounted remotely on a tank or water dispenser. Ideal for use around the home, factory or office to monitor water purity and effectiveness of water filtration systems.



  • Sense Range 0 - 999 ppm
  • Alarm Setting Range 5 - 200 ppm
  • Audible Warning when Programmed Value is Reached
  • Fitting for 1/4" Standard Pipe
  • Ideal for Water Filtration Systems
  • Low Battery Power Alert
  • Accuracy ±2%
  • Supply Voltage: Uses 2 x AA Batteries

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