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Diesel and Gasoline Flow Meter with Flow Sensor

Diesel and Gasoline Flow Meter with Flow Sensor

Just arrived our new Diesel and Gasoline Flow Meter. This easy to use unit measures both the flow rate and total amount of fuel that has passed. The unit features an easy to read display and is ideal for monitoring fuel consumption and total fuel consumed, perfect for calculating the amount of fuel used for correct billing on farm machinery, portable generators, go-karts and motor boats. The unit comes complete with the fuel sensor and is ready to use.

The unit is powered by 2 x AA Batteries and can easily be mounted remotely on the dashboard or control panel. Ideal for use on tractors, power generators, go-karts, ride-on mowers, fuel tanks, boats and much more.



  • Flow Rate 2.0 - 30.0 liter/hr
  • Fitting for 3/8" Barb
  • Suitable for both Diesel and Gasoline
  • Displays Both Flow Rate and Total Number of Liters/Gallons
  • Unit Can be Switched to Display Readings in Gallons
  • Ideal for Tractors, Generators, Go-Karts
  • Low Battery Power Alert
  • Fluid Temperature: 0 to 60°C
  • Fluid Pressure: up to 85 psi
  • Supply Voltage: Uses 2 x AA Batteries